2D Imager Ring Scanner for Wearable Computer.
High Performance, D70e & D75e
Manufacturer: Honeywell
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Product Description

Honeywell 8650 Ring Scanner

The 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner is the most convenient, wearable and futuristic scanner available. As an efficient tool for automatic wireless data capture, it offers the easiest option by resting on the ring finger that can be operated by a slight pressure of the thumb on the trigger.

This tiny, lightweight scanner weighs only 136 grams, and since it is worn like a ring, normal activities with the hands can continue uninterrupted while it remains ready to scan all the time.

The Bluetooth module is also easy to manage since it fits on the wrist comfortably with a Velcro strap for secure fastening. It is able to transmit data up to a distance of 30 feet with perfect accuracy.

Product Specification

Wireless, Bluetooth