Max. Label Length 150mm Easy to setup and export labels to the thermal printer (EZ2250i) Higher conveyor.
Cost-effective print and apply solution Wipe-on label application Maximum system speeds of 175mm/second (depending on print speeds)
SKU: AG2000-ZX
Manufacturer: Godex
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Product Description

Godex AG2000-ZX

The Godex AG2000-ZX label applicator has been developed to automatically apply self-adhesive labels onto products with flat surfaces and of identical shape being forwarded on a higher conveyor than the AG2000. It is able to apply labels on either the top side or the right side of the product. Combined with our EZ-2000 printer series the AG2000 forms an extremely cost-efficient labeling solution for anyone seeking to optimize his end-of-line labelling process as it offers high flexibility, extreme durability and ease-of-use at low cost.

The applicator comprises of a control unit and three main mechanical parts: a bracket that supports the printer and holds the diverter pulleys, a height- adjustable applicator arm to easily adjust to various box sizes, and a ventilator unit. Like the diverter pulleys the ventilator unit can be adjusted to any particular label size. Its main function is however to allow for speed differences between the printer and the conveyor. Its capacity can be tuned to meet the specific weight, length and “memory effect” of the labels that are used.



Product Specification

8 dot/mm 203 (dpi)
Print Speed
175 mm/s
Serial, USB