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Barcode Verifiers

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Software for REA Barcode Verifiers

SKU: Software for REA Verifiers

Software for REA Barcode Verifiers


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REA Stationary Verifier Range

SKU: REA Stationary Verifier

REA VERIFIER offers systems for the stationary inspection of barcodes, stacked codes and data matrix codes.


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Axicon Barcode Verifier Range

SKU: Axicon Barcode Verifier

All Axicon barcode verifiers conform to the latest ISO/IEC print quality and verifier standards.


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REA Portable Verifier Range

SKU: REA Portable Verifiers

With portable REA testing equipment, the testing of codes can be done directly on the printed sheet at the printer or on the pallet in the incoming goods department:


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SKU: 30016010

Portable linear barcode verifier..
USB, Ethernet Connectivity. FOV: 75mm


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SKU: 30025000

2D code and linear barcode verifier.
Ideal for DPM (direct part mark) verification. USB, Ethernet Connectivity. Maximum FOV: 92mm x 52mm


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SKU: 30027010

Portable linear barcode verifier.
USB, Ethernet Connectivity. FOV: 140mm/175mm


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SKU: 30035000

GS1 2D code and linear barcode verifier.
Ethernet Connectivity. Maximum FOV: 114mm x 76mm


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