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Bespoke Software Development

The difference inventory management software can make to the efficiency of your logistics or warehousing process is massive, allowing you to make drastic cost reductions and spend fewer man hours administering the process. Gone are the days where Inventory requires a pencil, pad, and countless man hours to work things out afterwards

Whether you run a single outlet or a chain of warehouses across several locations, we can design and implement a stock management software system which drastically streamlines your processes, leading to a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Our bespoke software allows you to manage stock quantities, transfer goods between locations, set low-level alerts and much more. As our software is tailored to your particular requirements, it can cope with your unique requirements. Thats the beauty of bespoke systems. We design a system that is oarticular to your needs. Think of it as a solution, to your problem.

Our expert developers will discuss the needs and restrictions currently faced by your business, and devise software, hand-in-hand with you, which simplifies the whole operation and removes any barriers to an industry-leading inventory management process.

We have expertise in using handheld devices and barcode/RFID solutions to track assets in and out of a warehouse/compound.

With over a decade of experience in designing and implementing inventory management software, our developers can automate as little or as much of the stock control process as you wish. We appreciate that each business is individual, and no two have the exact same requirements, so we will talk you through the entire process, helping you to understand exactly what steps we can take to improve your efficiency.

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What are the benefits?

  1. Monitor and report stock levels
  2. Set sales units for items sold as bundles
  3. Group common items into categories for simple stock control
  4. Set low level stock and automatic re-order when these are reached
  5. Allow multiple user access via a web interface
  6. Create purchase orders which are delivered automatically to vendors
  7. Set up and deliver recurring orders automatically
  8. See a product history of when products were bought and sold
  9. Transfer stock between locations
  10. A simple scan-in method when adding new items
  11. View inventory levels quickly, by location or category

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