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    Breast Milk Tracking

    Our Our GS1 Approved Breast Milk Tracking Solution

    Breast Milk Traceability and Labelling ensures that babies in neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) & intensive care nursery (ICN) are protected from incorrect feeding safeguarding the mother and child by ensuring that mothers expressed milk is kept safe until needed.

    The Milktrack360 system also ensures that donated milk once pasteurised is tracked and labelled to deliver the best possible nutrition to the receiving patients.

    Our system uses an effective barcode driven solution that identifies and matches expressed breast milk to both mother and child. The solution is a secure feeding and milk management system developed to ensure that every baby in the NICU & NIC receives the correct breast milk, donor milk, or formula, risk-free at the bedside.

    Using barcode & wristband labelling as a technology the systems offers many advantages over a manual verification process decreasing human errors and, saving time.

    The Milktrack360 solutions offers state of the art reporting to assist NICU & NIC staff to have accurate automated reporting to assist in patient care and be deployed in hospitals and intensive care units.

    Our healthcare products are constructed using durable, disinfectant-ready materials to ensure patient safety at all times.

    For further information on Milktrack360 solution and other services contact or call us on 03333 660 842.

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