NG Concierge, 10 inch, Android OS.
32GB, Landscape, Imager, WW config
SKU: CC6000-10-3200LCWW
Manufacturer: Zebra Technology
£980.95 excl Vat

Product Description

Zebra CC6000 Customer Concierge

Compact, Affordable and Android-Powered Self-Service

Combining the familiarity of a consumer tablet with an enterprise-class platform and features, the CC6000 delivers a truly unique shopping experience. The sleek 10-inch kiosk gives users the best of online and in-store shopping, with all the self-service capabilities they expect—and much more. In seconds, shoppers can check in to pick up an order, find a product or pricing, look up information, call for an associate, video chat with an expert for instant answers, get personalized offers, make a purchase and more.

The CC6000 offers the latest technology advancements on a cutting-edge AndroidTM platform to take customer interaction to a whole new level today, with the future-proofing to deliver exciting new experiences tomorrow. With its ultra-powerful processor, familiar Android interface, high definition multi-touch display, support for voice and video chat, and NFC, the CC6000 delivers a superior experience for even the most demanding interactive and multimedia apps. Best-in-class scan performance means that users can easily scan any item in the store, as well as mobile barcodes on their own devices. Also, your customer's IT department will find the CC6000 easier to integrate and manage thanks to Zebra's platform approach and powerful Mobility DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools.

Product Specification

SDRAM Memory
Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth
Flash Memory
Operating System
Android 8 (Oreo)