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    Code BatteryTrak

    Manufacturer: Code
    Code’s BatteryTrak app for iPhone tracks your battery usage while using a Code 7000 series battery backup case.
    SKU: CodeCD0010
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    BatteryTrak is a free application from Code that provides Code Corporation customers with real-time iPhone and CR7000 Series Case battery vitals. Built to support the CR7000 Series Battery Backup Cases, BatteryTrak ensures your team stays in the know. You can set and track the date the case batteries are deployed, the state of battery health, product serial numbers as well as update the case's firmware all from one application. 

    Batteries naturally degrade and over time lose their ability to hold and maintain charge. BatteryTrak gives you visibility into the health of your batteries so that you know when it is time to replace them. 


    What is New in This Release 

    • Better user interface/experience
    • Easier to update CR7000 series firmware
    • Read both iPhone and CR7000 series battery statistics from within one application


    How to Get BatteryTrak 

    Currently, BatteryTrak is only available for iPhones using the Code CR7000 series cases.