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    Deep Freeze Labels

    Deep Freeze & Cryogenic Freezer Labels

    Cryogenic labels & Deep freeze labels are specifically designed for applying to vials, pipettes, slides, stainless steel racks, cassettes and other metal containers for cryogenic freezing and liquid nitrogen storage.

    The labels are made of a thermoplastic film and coated with a cryogenic adhesive. The labels remain strongly attached to stainless steel, aluminium, glass, painted metal, powder coated metal, iron and other metal surfaces during a long-term storage inside a liquid phase liquid nitrogen, vapour phase liquid nitrogen, freezers (-120°C, -80°C, -40°C and -20°C), dry ice, freezer chamber, freezer room and other extreme cold environments.

    Our cryogenic labels can be used for identification of freezer racks, cryogenic Vials, freezer cassettes, cryogenic cassettes, X-ray film cassettes, film cans for archiving in cryogenic vaults and other stainless steel and aluminium flasks, drawers, sleeves and canes for cryogenic straws, tools, equipment and metal objects inside freezers, freezer rooms, liquid nitrogen tanks and, liquid helium.

    Cryogenic Labels
    We provide a large selection of different sizes of the freezer & cryogenic labels. Use of these labels facilitates the identification of the racks and containers inside the storage. They can be applied on the top of the racks to visually identify desired racks without pulling out and can be applied on the sides of the rack for easy identification of the freezer box locations inside the rack.

    The labels can be printed with all standard brands of thermal-transfer printers such as Zebra Brother, Sato, Intermec, and other barcode printers. Some material will require thermal transfer ribbons.

    We strongly recommend Zebra 8000T Crycool labels, as thee have been rigorously tested download the specification sheet from here.

    Zebra 8000T Specification

    Where multiple usages are required them we recommend our 3M Stock these labels can be produced in many formats depending on your requirements. Download the specification sheet from here.

    We Would Strongly recommend the Zebra ZD420 Healthcare Printer

    In the critical healthcare environment, speed and accuracy are paramount. The ZD420-HC four-inch thermal transfer printer maximizes printer productivity and uptime.

    With an innovative ribbon cartridge that can be loaded in seconds, nurses and lab technicians can stay focused on caring for patients, instead of wasting time trying to load the standard ribbon roll.

    For further information on how we can help you streamline your business contact us today 03333 660 842 or


    Zebra Healthcare Printers

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    Picture of 8000T All-Temp Range

    8000T All-Temp Range

    Matt coated thermal transfer paper label with a wide temperature range permanent adhesive.
    From £87.49 excl Vat
    Picture of 8000T Cryocool Range

    8000T Cryocool Range

    Polypropylene labels with extreme low temperature permanent adhesive.
    From £154.79 excl Vat
    Picture of 8000T Void Matte Range

    8000T Void Matte Range

    Tamper evident silver polyester label (leaves the word VOID if removed after application).
    From £101.57 excl Vat
    Picture of Zebra 8000T Cryocool - Desktop Range

    Zebra 8000T Cryocool - Desktop Range

    A white thermal transfer polypropylene label with a high performance permanent acrylic based adhesive.
    From £0.00 excl Vat
    Picture of Zebra ZD420 Healthcare Range

    Zebra ZD420 Healthcare Range

    In the critical healthcare environment, speed and accuracy are paramount.
    From £369.39 excl Vat
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