EBS Base Station Low power consumption 802.15.4 based protocol Two Ethernet ports Easy daisy chaining 2.4 GHz
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This solution includes the necessary hardware and software to manage and communicate bi-directionally with e-paper labels. This system lets you control stock levels from a centralized location.

The lightweight infrastructure is easy to deploy, only requiring Base Station installation, eliminating expensive backoffice servers. Each base station covers a 25-meter indoor radius. The lightweight administrative application only requires an off-the-shelf Windows-based PC or mobile device.

The EBS-40 can be used from small retail to multi-store business, implementation of the base station is very simple.

All e-paper labels are connected to the same network and content management system, which is connected to the back office system. One base station can load 2,500 ESLs per station and has a 25-meter indoor radius (100 meters open-field). For complete specifications, see the datasheet.


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