EE-440 4.4” E-paper label can be used to highlight product promotions or where more detailed product information is required such as in the healthcare or electronic departments
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Electronic Shelf Labelling, also known by the acronym ESL, is a system mainly used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. The full graphical display can be remotely updated using a RF based communication network. Automated systems Electronic Shelf Labelling reduce pricing management labour costs and improve pricing accuracy.

Opticon strongly believes in Dynamic Product Signage, a combination between Electronics Shelf Labelling (ESL) and Digital Signage. Opticon’s solutions include hardware ranging from 1.5 inch e-paper price tags up to 10 inch TFT screens, all displays connected to one network and CMS.

The EE-440 is a 4.4-inch, fully graphical, display e-paper display. The high contrast of the display enables easy barcode reading. The EE-440 is powered by 2 AAA batteries and only consumes power during radio transmission and display updates.

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