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    ESL Server Control Software

    Complete control over your ESL's

    With a fast and efficient Product Signage solution you gain a competitive edge now and in the future. It manages real-time pricing and it creates new interactions as to how your customers engage with products in physical stores. Further it aggregates related media and product info and enables innovations in customer engagement. A new in-store shopping experience.

    Today’s retailer needs to respond quickly and effectively to the frequent changes in the current market to optimize and enhance their store operations. The three critical factors in this process are pricing, promotion and cost. Opticon’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solution addresses these key areas as ESL allows the retailer to instantly and accurately execute price changes and promotions anytime to any store shelf from a centralized location. In addition, ESL eliminates the traditional paper labels that are high maintenance - freeing up labour and reducing paper waste.

    The ESL Server Software will monitor and control all your ESLs and base stations fully automatically, saving you precious time that can be spend elsewhere.

    The software will connect the ESLs through a base station to a database for price processing and product changes. This information exchange is logged and view able for remote monitoring. The included web application is used for in-store monitoring and linking ESLs to products.


    With the graphical template designer you can design customized templates so they fit perfectly in the style of your store, making your store look more high-tech than ever. The ESL Server Software will also automatically generate and distribute all modified images to the ESLs.

    There are a few different types of solutions that are supported by the ESL Server Software. These different solutions include:

    • CSV-file solution
    • SQL solution
    • CSV / SQL hybrid solution
    • External content management solution
    • SQL API


    Opticon’s solution includes both hardware and software necessary to manage and communicate bi-directionally with the e-paper labels. This enables a centralized administration point controlling stock levels which allows employees to focus on stock building and customer attention.

    Even the infrastructure is lightweight; demanding only the installation of Base & software


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