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Godex BP500 Range

SKU: Godex BP500

BP500L/BP530L demonstrates the combination of mobility and robustness perfectly and can be the most helpful companion for retail / manufacturing / storage / logistic / government applications.


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Godex DT Range

SKU: Godex DT

Simple, very compact and reliable barcode printers.


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Godex EZ Desktop Range

SKU: Godex EZ Desktop

We pride ourselves with the Godez EZ range having high stability and durability.


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Godex EZ Industrial Range

SKU: Godex EZ Industrial

Enhanced mid-range industrial barcode printer for most applications.


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Godex EZ6000 Plus Range

SKU: Godex EZ6000 Plus

Heavy Duty EZ6000 Plus Barcode Printer


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Godex G300 Range

SKU: Godex G300 R

The Godex GP-G300 is a cost-effective entry-level model with a resolution of 203/300 dpi and print speed of up to 102/76.2 mm per second.


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Godex G500 Range

SKU: Godex G500 R

The Godex G500 printer is ideally suited for many different types of applications and materials.


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Godex HD830i Range

SKU: Godex HD830i

After years of innovation, HD830i is the most versatile industrial printer that has ever published by GoDEX


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