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Our Goods Inward Solutions

Bar Code Data Ltd Goods Inward/Outward Control solutions link with a range of Wireless and mobile technology equipment to facilitate you to electronically catch real-time data.

Our Inward/Outward Control solution will link with Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Inventory Management system together, using our bespoke barcode software developed by our in-house developers that can be customised for many of well-known systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

A direct scan of the barcode on the package displays the accurate location where the goods should be put away. This will enable the system to reconcile orders in real-time and eliminating errors and giving audit traceability for goods inward and outward and highlight the identification of discrepancies or damages before they have a negative impact in your business.

At the receiving station, the mobile process allows workers to be more accurate and more productive. A simple scan of our wide range of Wireless and mobile technology equipment from barcode scanners, barcode readers, mobile computers, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, barcode software and hardware solutions for the need of your business that enables you to access your business data in real-time.

With over a decade of experience in designing and implementing inventory management software, our developers can automate as little or as much of the stock control process as you wish.

We also offer many hardware solutions from some of the leading manufacturers, such as Zebra Technologies, Motorola, Symbol, Datalogic and much more.

We appreciate that each business is individual, and no two have the exact same requirements, so we will talk you through the entire process, helping you to understand exactly what steps we can take to improve your efficiency.

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Zebra WT6000 Wearable Range

SKU: Zebra WT6000 Wearable

Wearable computers give workers the hands-free mobility they need to boost productivity to a new level. But workers find today's wearables uncomfortableuntil now.


From £1,622.86 excl Vat

MC3200-G Range

SKU: MC3200-G

Zebra MC3200-G Android or Microsoft Embedded Compact 7 Mobile Computer in gun-style form-factor


From £803.18 excl Vat

Zebra DS3678 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners

SKU: Zebra 3678 Ultra-Rugged Scanners

When it comes to capturing bar codes in rugged environments like the warehouse or manufacturing plant floor, every second counts—speed and accuracy is directly related to workforce productivity, throughput, and the quality of products and customer service.


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Zebra TC51 Touch Range

SKU: Zebra TC51

Zebra TC51 Mobile Touch Computer


From £921.16 excl Vat

Zebra TC56 Mobile Computer Range

SKU: Zebra TC56 Mobile Computer

Whether in the office or on the road, today’s workers want a device that is every bit as contemporary and easy to use as the smartphone they use every day with anywhere connectivity


From £975.35 excl Vat

Zebra VC70N0 Range

SKU: Zebra VC70N0

The Zebra Technologies VC70N0 is the right-sized device for all your material-handling vehicles.


From £2,488.22 excl Vat

Zebra ZT610 Industrial Printer Range

SKU: Zebra ZT610 Industrial Printer

To keep your critical operations running smoothly, you need high-performance industrial printing systems that can stand the test of time, both physically and technologically


From £1,985.48 excl Vat

Zebra ZT610R RFID Industrial Range

SKU: Zebra ZT610R RFID Industrial

To keep your critical operations running smoothly, you need high-performance industrial printing systems that can stand the test of time, both physically and technologically.


From £3,103.92 excl Vat