Janam Company

Janam Technologies LLC is a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly. Janam combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver products with the right features and the right price.

Purpose-built for extended use in demanding environments, Janam mobile computers are enabling companies worldwide to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the bottom line. It's technology at work.

Janam now offers the world's first fully-featured industrial Palm OS based product line. The XP Series was designed to run mission-critical applications in retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics.

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Janam XG3 Rugged Mobile Range

SKU: Janam XG3 Rugged Mobile

The XG3 is Janams next-generation, gun-shaped, rugged mobile computer designed to excel in the most challenging environments.


From £884.48 excl Vat

Janam XM5 Rugged Mobile PDA Range

SKU: Janam XM5 Rugged Mobile PDA

Janams super-rugged, super-capable and super-affordable XM5 mobile computer eliminates the stress and cost associated with forced application migration and expensive hardware upgrade. Customers


From £689.98 excl Vat

Janam XM70 Range

SKU: Janam XM70

Designed to deliver maximum return on investment.


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Janam XP20 Range

SKU: Janam XP20

Janam designed the XP20 Series handheld computer to execute mission-critical, data collection tasks in the enterprise.


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Janam XP30 Range

SKU: Janam XP30

Janams XP30 Series handheld computer is the worlds first fully-featured mobile computer that scans barcodes and runs the latest version of the Palm OS mobile software.


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Janam XT1 Rugged Mini Tablet Range

SKU: Janam XT1 Rugged Mini Tablet

The XT1 Rugged Mini-Tablet delivers all the technological advancements found in consumer devices with the mission-critical key features that enterprises require in a rugged tablet.


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Janam XT100 Range

SKU: Janam XT100

Janam’s XT100 rugged touch computer delivers the best of both business and personal.


From £733.24 excl Vat

Janam XT2 Rugged Touch Range

SKU: Janam XT2 Rugged Touch

Janam’s XT2 is smaller, lighter, faster and better than other rugged mobile computers in its class.


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