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SKU: 931061318

DS4800 is a flexible and compact laser scanner for industrial application, satisfying all main identification needs of your manufacturing plants. DS4800 features an excellent reading performance, ease of setup thanks to X-PRESS interface, high-speed ID-NET communication interface and total immunity against ambient light. DS4800-1000 ADJ FOCUS, LINEAR


£1,209.15 excl Vat


SKU: 931351093

The high performance DS6400 industrial laser barcode scanner presents the new Step-a-Head feature, reading range from 300 to 2.500mm, new FLASH dynamic focus, advanced decoder with code reconstruction capability (ACR4), display and keyboard, new GENIUS SW configurator and PackTrack function. DS6400-100-010 DYN.F.,M, LINEAR, M/S


£2,546.73 excl Vat


SKU: DS457-SR20009

General Purpose Fixed Mount 2D Imager.
SE-4500 Imaging Platform, Standard Optics, IP54 Sealed, Black


£179.99 excl Vat

LS7808 Range

SKU: LS7808

The omni-directional scan pattern reads the barcode regardless of orientation, eliminating the need to precisely align products to the scanner.


From £277.13 excl Vat


SKU: LS7808-BNNU0100ZR

LS7808 USB Kit.
LS7808-SR20007TCR Slot Scanner, CBA-U01-S07ZAR USB Cable


£310.56 excl Vat


SKU: LS7808-SR20009SCR

LS7808 Horizontal Slot Scanner.
Stainless Steel/Twilight Black Bezel, Sapphire Glass, EAS antenna, RSM, Quick Reference Guide.


£371.53 excl Vat


SKU: MS-1204FZY-I000R

Fixed Mount 1D Laser Scanner.
(Fuzzy Technology), Class 2, Standard Laser (SL), True RS-232 (No USB)


£159.45 excl Vat