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DS4308 HC Range

SKU: DS4308-HC

The DS4308-HC does it all — 1D or 2D, electronic or printed on paper labels, tiny dense codes on the curved surface of a vial, codes printed on reflective surfaces like IV bags, codes under shrink wrap on doses of medication — and even smudged, scratched or poorly printed barcodes.


From £152.14 excl Vat

DS6878 HC Range

SKU: DS6878-HC

The DS6878-HC cordless imager enables hospitals to automate data capture and improve data accuracy, helping to prevent medical errors and improving patient safety


From £343.34 excl Vat

Symbol CS4070-HC Companion Range

SKU: Symbol CS4070-HC Companion

Small enough to be carried at all times, it can be tucked in a pocket or worn on a lanyard.


From £327.92 excl Vat

Zebra DS8108-HC Handheld Range

SKU: Zebra DS8108-HC Handheld

As a healthcare provider, you need to deliver the very best in care, every second of every day.


From £218.17 excl Vat