MPS2000-Mobile Picking Station

The MPS2000 (Mobile Picking Station) is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind.
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Manufacturer: Falcona
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Product Description

Mobilising your IT with the MPS2000 allowing you to take IT equipment around the warehouse effortlessly.

This tough, warehouse ready workstation provides independent power for your IT equipment, easily supporting a host of applications.

You can enhance many of your traditionally "fixed position" activities and processes and hand your employees the power to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Logistics, manufacturing and warehouse environment’s demand a level of detail that can often be a challenge when faced with these fast moving working environment. We have a range of powered work stations that bring a new opportunity to increase productivity and help reduce mistakes through mislabelling or date entry errors.

Fixed workstations limit workers’ freedom and efficiency. Having to rush back and forth from one point to check information can be a huge inconvenience, sapping precious time and energy.

With Falcona MPS2000 workstation solutions’ and powered mobile workstations, staff productivity is increased, as they can take their terminals with them, performing the work they need to at any location. Consequently, any computer-based training can be performed away from the manufacturing floor, to avoid interfering with busy teams.

Workers can use a full-screen computer or touchscreen for up to eight to ten hours, depending on the amount of scanning and printing performed. 

Accessories for the MPS2000

Screen Mount

Sliding PC Tray

Printer and Media

Scanner Mount

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