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Introducing Panasonic Toughbook  Mobile Computer Range

Take your haulage management to the next level.

Introducing Panasonic’s latest innovation in mobile computing and scanning.

If you want a device that offers easy configurability and a variety of user options then the Toughbook with Android™ 8.1 is one of the thinnest and most lightweight handheld tablets in the 4.7" category.

The device offers numerous unique features, including an angled rear barcode reader which protects users from repetitive strain and enhances productivity, and an optional passive and active pen for precise handwriting and signature capture. This cutting-edge device has been designed for mobile workers in the postal and courier services, transportation and logistics, emergency and public safety, utilities, retail, manufacturing and defence sectors.

If you require a mobile computer that harnesses the power and adaptability of Android, the Toughbook mobile computer series offers Android for business platforms, providing a well proven mobility platform and guaranteed security support with for Android.

In partnership with altlogic we can also create agile, innovative solutions that manages and tracks your remote workforce with real time data capture providing configurable and scalable platforms enabling Automate & streamline existing business process.

Other  altlogic Applications

Warehouse/Distribution applications:

  • Warehouse management
  • Picking and put-away
  • Returns processing
  • Voice-directed applications
  • EDI transactions
  • Yard management

Retail applications:

  • Backroom/warehouse management
  • Price verification/updates
  • Store receiving
  • Picking and put-away
  • Inventory management
  • In-store communications
  • Voice-directed applications 

Manufacturing applications:

  • Inventory management
  • Supply-line replenishment
  • Safety testing
  • Parts tracking

If your mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution using our full line of mobile computers, off-the-shelf, end user apps, robust administration utilities and effortless app development tools.


Panasonic FZ-N1 Video

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Panasonic FZ-N1 Mk2 4.7" Android 8.1 Range

SKU: Panasonic FZ-N1

The ToughBook FZ-N1 with Android™ 8.1 is one of the thinnest and most lightweight handheld tablets in the 4.7" category.


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