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Established in 1990 we have a wealth of experience in designing and implementing Solutions, our In-house developers can automate as little or as much of your process as you wish.

We offer a wide range of hardware products from the world leading brands such as Zebra Technologies, Motorola, Symbol, Datalogic and many more.

We appreciate that each business is individual, and no two have the exact same requirements, so we will talk you through the entire process, helping you to understand exactly what steps we can take to improve your efficiency.

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CAT-3 Heavy Duty Rewinder Range

SKU: CAT-3 Heavy Duty Rewinder

The CAT-3-STANDARD handles labels up to 155 mm wide and will wind a roll of labels up to a 300 mm diameter.


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CAT-4 Rewinders Ranges

SKU: CAT-4 Rewinders

Created to extend the capabilities of our heavy-duty rewinder range, the CAT-4 is now our most performant rewinder.


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LD-RS & LD-U Label Dispenser Range

SKU: LD-RS LD-U Label Dispenser

The LD-RS Type Automatic Label Dispensers for all regular labels (not for transparent or black labels). The LD-U Type Automatic Label Dispensers using a new “state of the art” reflective detector that allows the machine to dispense all types of labels, including transparent and black labels. The LD-S Type for very small, long or unusual shape labels.


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UCAT-3 for Labels up to 255mm wide. 76mm standard. Also rewinds.
Size: W x D x H: 300 x 455 x 320mm.


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UCAT-3 for 25.4mm diameter cores.
Size: W x D x H: 300 x 455 x 320mm.


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UCAT-3 for 25.4mm diameter cores.
Size: W x D x H: 300 x 455 x 320mm.


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Mini-Cat Label Rewinders Range

SKU: Mini-Cat Label Rewinders

The MINI-CAT (MC) Label Rewinders are the world’s most popular low-price Label Rewinders.


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Godex, external rewinder, T10, inside-/ outside winding on 1", 1,5" or 3" core.
material width max. 120mm, roll outside-Ø: max. 203,2 mm


£302.48 excl Vat