Pupil Trak-Pupil Tracking Solution

PupilTrak is a unique solution to the problem of keeping track of children on school trips. It’s a system where each pupil wears a wristband bearing the teachers’ or other carers’ contact details allowing them to be contacted should a pupil get lost. Unlike other similar systems, PupilTrak is dynamic – each wristband contains data that is unique to each pupil and can be configured to include details of allergies, medical issues and more.

What’s more, PupilTrak is available in two options – the first uses a Zebra HC100 printer with custom software to print out wristbands containing the school name, contact number, pupil’s name (optional, can be added to the barcode), teacher’s name and contact number and a barcode.

The second includes a hand-held terminal, containing an uploaded file of pupils on a given trip, which scans the bar code and helps keep track of pupils without the need for a conventional register. It can also contain a SIM card, turning it into a mobile phone and eliminating the need to give out a teacher’s personal number to pupils. Safety, accuracy, speed and real-time information at your fingertips.

Option 1
Zebra HC100 wristband printer with custom software.
• Wristband can contain school name, trip details, contact numbers, pupil’s name (or not), barcode including pupil’s name, allergy and medical information, teacher’s name and more
• Standard wristbands are white, however, red wristbands are available to highlight allergies or other medical conditions
• Different size wristbands available
• Software will integrate with your school’s systems
• Data that has been used to generate letters to pupils for the school trip can be imported into printer software to generate wristband
• Equipment maintenance to give you peace of mind.

Option 2
Zebra HC100 with added software and hand-held terminal.
Features as above, but with the addition of:
• Handheld terminal that scans the wristband to keep track of pupils
• Includes time and attendance of each pupil
• No need for a paper-based register
• Device contains uploaded file of pupils and trip details
• Removes human error – device will indicate missing pupils
• Optional SIM card adapts terminal into a mobile phone.


Features & Benefits

  • • Fast, dynamic information at your fingertips
    • Easy configuration for individual pupils
    • SIM card (Option 2 only) for use as a contact telephone
    • Barcode scanning (Option 2 only)
    • Integrates with school IT systems
    • One-off cost

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