REA Barcode Verifiers

Bar code Scanners
REA Verifier is a global leader of verification technology. We provide a range of user-friendly verifiers for linear barcodes and 2D codes.
REA Verifiers are used to measure the print quality and verify the format and data structure of code content on all levels of product packaging to international ISO/IEC Standards. This ensures codes meet the required quality standard and will scan correctly downstream, helping avoid costs and error risks.
Founded in 1982, REA now has a global footprint and strategically placed subsidiaries, such as the UK subsidiary, which ensure excellent customer support and competitive pricing. Development and manufacturing are handled at REA headquarters, ensuring our products are the most comprehensive and user-friendly solutions of the highest quality.
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SKU: 30000000

GS1 1D/2D code, camera veripad.


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SKU: 30016010

Portable linear barcode verifier..
USB, Ethernet Connectivity. FOV: 75mm


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SKU: 30025000

2D code and linear barcode verifier.
Ideal for DPM (direct part mark) verification. USB, Ethernet Connectivity. Maximum FOV: 92mm x 52mm


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SKU: 30027010

Portable linear barcode verifier.
USB, Ethernet Connectivity. FOV: 140mm/175mm


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SKU: 30035000

GS1 2D code and linear barcode verifier.
Ethernet Connectivity. Maximum FOV: 114mm x 76mm


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SKU: 30202000

High accuracy linear barcode verifier.
Ethernet Connectivity. FOV: 155mm


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SKU: 30202010

High accuracy linear barcode verifier.
Ethernet Connectivity. FOV: 240mm


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SKU: 30306100

REA TransWin 32 Software for the Verifier devices


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