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For over 25 years REA has developed, manufactured and sold equipment (Verifier) and software programs for testing and evaluating the legibility of printed and directly marked codes.

REA provides suitable equipment to meet various requirements and code types and the associated technical support.  We develop and manufacture code verification devices for quality control of barcodes and matrixcodes based in Mühltal, near Frankfurt.

All REA VERIFIER products are 100 percent made in Germany.

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SKU: 30016010

REA Check ER Portable Compact Inspection Unit for Verifying Barcodes


£0.00 excl Vat


SKU: 30025000

REA MLV-2D QR Code Barcode Verifier


£0.00 excl Vat


SKU: 30027010

REA ScanCheck 3 Verifier flexible and portable readings.


£0.00 excl Vat


SKU: 30035000

REA VeriCube State-of-the-art matrix and barcode verification device


£0.00 excl Vat


SKU: 30306100

REA TransWin 32 Software for the Verifier devices


£0.00 excl Vat


SKU: 8300920

REA ScanLink Data Structure Analysis


£0.00 excl Vat

REA Portable Verifier Range

SKU: REA Portable Verifiers

With portable REA testing equipment, the testing of codes can be done directly on the printed sheet at the printer or on the pallet in the incoming goods department:


From £0.00 excl Vat

REA Stationary Verifier Range

SKU: REA Stationary Verifier

REA Stationary Verifier Range Stationary Inspection Unit Precise and universal


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