Our Specimen Labelling Solution

A recent Biochemistry audit showed that in one month almost 400 samples were inadequately or incorrectly labelled. Samples that have been incorrectly labelled will have to be discarded, creating extra workload for your staff.

Accurate labelling of specimens and accompanying laboratory request forms is very important for safe and effective patient care.

Misidentified samples create a serious risk to patient safety leading to misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment and wrong site surgery.

Give your staff the best tools to make sure specimens are labelled accurately.

It is essential all handwritten forms are legible.
It is essential that three patient identifiers are on both the sample and request form.

We also offer wristband solutions giving staff immediate access to critical patient information at the bedside and across all hospital departments.
With our range of mobile devices and printers, healthcare workers can print labels at the point of care and scan the specimen orders, patients' wristbands and labelled containers for a three-way check.

Your staff can be confident the correct specimen is collected from the right patient at the right time and placed in the right container. As a result, the right patient receives the right test results - and the right treatment.

For further information on our solution and services contact sales@bcdata.co.uk or call us on 03333 660 842.

Blood bag labbeling

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