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PA520 Healthcare - Mobile Clinical Assistant, WEH 6.5, VGA screen.
2D imager, Wifi, BT, HF RFID reader, NFC.


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Unitech EA300 Computer Range

SKU: Unitech EA300 Computer

The EA300 offers a host of data collection options to enhance the service level for a variety of vertical applications.


From £458.05 excl Vat

Unitech EA600 Mobile Range

SKU: Unitech EA600 Mobile

The Unitech EA600 (Android) is a rugged 5” mobile enterprise computer combining strong features with powerful data collection.


From £414.94 excl Vat

Unitech HT510 Range

SKU: Unitech HT510

Powerful Windows CE6.0 based handheld terminal with large 3.5" screen, keyboard supporting function keys.


From £505.62 excl Vat

Unitech HT630 Rugged Range

SKU: Unitech HT630 Rugged

The HT630 rugged and compact portable data terminal is a newcomer with an impressive pedigree.


From £399.04 excl Vat

Unitech PA520 Clinical Range

SKU: Unitech PA520 Clinical

PA520MCA is an ideal Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) specially designed for nursing care in hospitals and healthcare institutes.


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Unitech PA520 Range

SKU: Unitech PA520

Unitech PA520 is a compact sized enterprise PDA that provides a comprehensive wireless platform since it integrated WiFi and Bluetooth communication, making it quick and easy to stay connected.


From £500.70 excl Vat

Unitech PA692 - Rugged Industrial Range

SKU: Unitech PA692 Rugged Industrial

Unitech’s PA692 series is a rugged mobile computer combining the latest 3.75G wireless communication and advanced performance to provide the best data communications in today’s aggressive business environment.


From £821.00 excl Vat