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Unitech MS925HC Range

Unitech MS925HC Pocket 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Manufacturer: Unitech

Unitech MS925HC High Performance Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Featuring a compact design, the MS925 wireless pocket 2D scanner is the ultimate workhorse companion for any mobile workers. It allows users to simply scan and transmit all major 1D or 2D barcodes that it’s easily integrated into field sales, supply chain operations, healthcare, and retail applications.

  • MS925HC is a 2D BlueTooth pocket scanner. It can easily be connected to your current PC or Macbook. It is ideal for bedside checks to read the barcode on a patient wristband. But it could be used by courier, home delivery workers to scan and register the barcode. When the device is not decidated to one specific worker, it is an ideal solution
  • The housing is made of material containing anti-microbial agents that kill bacteria spontaneously without applying external disinfectant.
  • If user decides to clean the housing with Ethanol, it is totally fine as it proves to instantly kill >99.9% bacteria using alcohol wipe for 10 seconds

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Sku Short Description Price  
MS925 pocket 2D reader
including USB-cable and neck lanyard
£158.04 excl Vat