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Why Choose Zebra Android

Android is familiar to people all over the world, from its devices, interfaces, apps and logo, and is now the world’s most popular, dominant mobile operating system. It provides organisations with a secure, flexible and unified mobility platform – combining devices, applications and management.

A large majority of people are familiar with Android OS, which is great for businesses as it minimises the need for training and staff are equipped with a device they feel confident in using.

Android is also a cost effective OS and it is incredibly agile and easy to customise. The platform enables developers to accommodate the varying requirements of business and offers the flexibility to integrate communication tools, data management functions, and multimedia tools with easy updates.

Android provides multiple layers of security to prevent intrusions:

Google Play Protect
Google Play Protect provides always-on app analysis and actively scans each device around the clock, and never stops learning so your end users will always have the very latest in mobile security.

Management APIs
Android offers a wide range of management APIs that allow IT departments to prevent data leakage and enforce compliance.

Android OS Platform
The OS establishes a chain of trust and utilises cryptographic methods to ensure the hardware and platform have not been compromised with verification available through the SafetyNet API.

Android Hardware
Android devices utilise a trusted execution of environment (TEE) to run privileged or security-sensitive operations such as PIN verification and verified boot.

Zebra: Android and the Workforce Mobility Revolution.

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