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    Zebra Data DNA

    Zebra Data Capture DNA solution

    Go beyond the barcode with datacapture DNA

    DataCapture DNA is the genetic code that simplifies the entire Zebra scanning experience. The result is innovation-driven performance that not only makes our data capture devices the best in the industry, but also the easiest. From integration to deployment and then management, Zebra has stripped away all the complexity.
    Zebra data capture devices turn into powerful tools that get more done and resolve tomorrow’s challenges today.

    Unrivalled Manageability
    Remote management tools give IT teams the ease and control to effortlessly deploy and maintain fleets across the enterprise, lowering their total cost of ownership. Add to that visibility tools, and companies have the real-time analytics to boost the performance and uptime of their data capture devices to increase their return on investment.

    Innovation-driven Performance
    The capabilities of DataCapture DNA produce peak device performance, consistently and continuously, that maximizes worker productivity. The technologies go beyond barcode scanning to keep enterprises ahead of the curve by solving tomorrow’s problems today.
    Easier Application Development
    Zebra offers a suite of software tools to decrease development time across all major operating systems, allowing developers to integrate Zebra data capture devices faster and easier.

    Business Tools
    Give your workforce the super powers of mobility DNA’s business tools. Break down the barriers to communication and unify everyone into one cohesive team. Enable anywhere connectivity and streamlined workflows that maximise every resource.

    Workforce connect

    • Tekspeech pro
    • Smartdex
    • Productivity tools

    All-touch terminal emulation

    • Simulscan
    • Swipe assist
    • Enterprise keyboard
    • Data wedge
    • Power precision
    • Device diagnostics
    • Management tools

    Stage now

    • Enterprise mobility management tool kit
    • Enterprise home screen
    • Lifeguard for android
    • Appgallery
    • Development tools
    • Enterprise mobility development tool kit
    • Enterprise browser

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