Zebra Ribbons Original

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3200 Resin Ribbon Range

SKU: 3200 Wax Resin

A premium wax/resin ribbon which provides excellent print quality on a wide range of Zebra paper and synthetic materials


From £38.93 excl Vat

4800 Resin Ribbon Range

SKU: 4800 Resin

A resin ribbon with excellent resistance to scratches, smears, chemicals and harsh outdoor environments.


From £107.59 excl Vat

5095 Resin Ribbon Range

SKU: 5095 Resin

A high performance resin ribbon with superior resistance to scratches, smears, extreme temperatures and chemicals.


From £78.38 excl Vat

5100 Resin Ribbon Range

SKU: 5100 Resin

A premium resin ribbon which offers excellent print quality and durability in the harshest applications.


From £67.60 excl Vat

5319 Colour Wax Ribbon Range

SKU: 5319 Colour Wax Ribbon

A best-in-class, performance wax ribbon formulated for high-quality printing on both Zebra coated and uncoated paper face stocks.


From £320.45 excl Vat

5319 Wax Ribbon Range

SKU: 5319 Wax Ribbon

High performance wax ribbon formulated to print up to 8 (20.3mm) inches per second on uncoated and coated paper materials.


From £6.89 excl Vat

GT800 Ribbon Range

SKU: GT800 Ribbon

Rolls supplied on 25mm cores with special notches for GT800 and a roll length of 300 metres


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Image Lock Resin Range

SKU: Image Lock Resin

Premium resin ribbon formulated to provide excellent image durability without the use of a laminate on Z-Xtreme 5000T Image Lock.


From £435.15 excl Vat