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Introducing the new Zebra TC21/TC26 Touch Computer from Bar Code Data

The ultimate cost-effective touch computer built for small and big business.

If you’re considering purchasing low-cost mobile devices for your workers, let Bar Code Data introduce the all new TC21/TC26 Touch Computer from Zebra Technologies — a step up in technology without the step up in price. You get all the business features you need to improve workforce productivity and task accuracy, reduce total cost of ownership and increase return on investment, the 5 inch touch screen display makes it perfect for stock control & inventory management type applications. You get the right features, all at the right price, and with multiple configurations at different price points, you pay only for the features your application requires.

Why the TC21/TC26?

You don’t want to pay for features you don’t need.

That’s why the TC21/TC26 offers more options than any device in its class:

o   Choose WWAN/WLAN or WLAN only models

o   Customise your devices for the right level of scanning: scan-intensive, light to moderate or none/occasional scanning

o   Choose standard or extended life swappable batteries

o   Configure your devices with the right amount of RAM/Flash memory to support your application needs today and tomorrow and

o   Configure the perfect solution for your workers, your application needs and your budget.

So much more than a mobile phone

With support for Zebra’s industry-leading Mobility DNA, the WLAN TC21 version for inside the four walls and WLAN/WWAN TC26 for your external mobile workers, offer value well beyond a mobile smart phone. Many powerful, complimentary Mobility DNA tools are pre-loaded and ready to use, making it easy to get your devices up and running, capture and send data to your apps whilst keeping your devices secure and in use. Track devices in real-time, make sure every device is being used to its maximum potential.  

The optional Mobility DNA Enterprise License unlocks additional voice and data tools, taking voice functionality and productivity to the next level, available for a 30 days trial to try before you buy. Push To Talk technology allows you to group employees & broadcast messages securely and safely making it easier to manage devices. Get battery alerts direct to your PC managing downtime more efficiently.

More ways to capture more kinds of data

Choose between two optional enterprise-class scan engines for the lightning fast capture of virtually any 1D/2D barcode — regardless of condition. For scan-intensive 1D/2D applications, choose the SE4710 for faster-than-ever barcode capture. For light to moderate 1D/2D scanning, choose the SE4100. And if you just need every-now-and-then barcode capture, forget the scanner as the high resolution 13MP camera can-do the job!

Accessorise to make your workers more productive

With an unmatched family of accessories, you can create the perfect mobility solution for your needs. Easily manage any size device estate in any environment with single and multi-slot device chargers and cradles and spare battery chargers. Bar Code Data also offers a variety of holsters and carrying options to aid portability. There’s a snap-on/snap-off trigger handle for more comfortable scanning, a wrist mount accessory creates a wearable solution for the warehouse. Our fully ventilated storage cabinets also provide the ability to charge multiple devices from one mains outlet meaning managing your estate is easier & cost efficient.

Guaranteed security every day your device is in service

You are investing in a device that you plan to keep in the hands of your workers for years to come. The TC21/TC26 offers the lifecycle you need.

Available with Android 10 today, the TC21/26 provides built-in support for a future Android releases. And Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android™, included as standard when taking out the Bar Code Data Managed Care plan, provides up to six years of security updates for Android, free of charge & hassle-free — well beyond the three years of support typically provided by Google.

Connect every strand of your mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution using our full line of mobile computers, off-the-shelf end user apps, robust administration utilities and effortless app development tools.

Talk to the Bar Code Data sales team today, email: sales@bcdata.co.uk  web: www.bcdata.co.uk or phone: 03333 660 842


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