8 Reasons You Need Zebra Dimensioning if you Accept or Process Packages

8 Reasons You Need Zebra Dimensioning if you Accept or Process Packages

If you need a solution to stop underestimating package sizes and undercharging customers for shipping - there’s a better way forward to get an accurate measurement and payment at drop-off and pick up points.

 Have you ever faced the challenges of miscalculated package sizes, resulting in the need for more trucks or costly fixes? Have you struggled with overcharging or undercharging customers and dealing with returns due to insufficient postage? Perhaps you've had to absorb losses caused by misjudging package sizes and miscalculating shipping charges. If any of these situations sound familiar, then you'll appreciate the solution we're about to introduce: Zebra Dimensioning.

 You might be wondering how Zebra Dimensioning differs from other mobile dimensioning systems or even fixed dimensioning systems. To answer that, let's dive into the eight essential things you need to know about mobile dimensioning systems in general:

 1.Integrated, Single Device Solution: Zebra Dimensioning is the only integrated handheld mobile parcel dimensioning solution on the market today, offering certified-level accuracy. Unlike other solutions that require tethering to a host device, Zebra Dimensioning offers a solution that doesn’t require multiple devices or for your employees to be carrying multiple devices. Neither does it require the use of bolt-on accessories as Zebra's time-of-flight sensor is fully integrated into mobile computers. This ensures instant and accurate package dimensioning and shipping charge calculation with just one advanced mobile computer.

 Zebra TC53 and TC58 Mobile Computer Range from Bar Code Data has a sensor that’s fully integrated, ensuring that no extra weight or size is added to the device.

 2. Certified Legal for Trade Solution: There are some circumstances where it’s not necessary to opt for a solution that’s certified ‘legal for trade’. I.e. if you’re not charging for shipping but using dimensions for load optimisation then you don’t need a certified option. But if you need certified dimensions to charge customers accurately, Zebra Dimensioning is the ideal solution. It is software sealed to comply with regulations and is legal for trade straight out of the factory, meeting NTEP and OIML standards. If you initially opt for a non-certified solution and need to change to a certified one later, it won’t be possible, so it's essential to consider your future needs now.

 3. Internationally Certified Solution: Zebra Dimensioning is the first internationally Weights and Measures certified handheld mobile dimensioning solution. It is legally usable for trade in major markets such as the USA, Canada, and Europe, with additional certifications planned for Australia and New Zealand.

 4. Enhanced Field-based Workflows: A multi-function mobile dimensioning solution like Zebra Dimensioning can optimise workflows at various stages of the shipping chain. It enables spot checks, ensures proper allocation of warehouse or truck load space, helps select efficient packaging, and automatically calculates the most suitable shipping container. This efficiency not only saves time but also contributes to sustainability goals by maximising load capacity and reducing unnecessary trips. There are many instances where ‘fully loaded’ transportation can be carrying as much as 30% air.

 5. Rugged, Connected, and Mobile: By the very definition of ‘mobile’, these devices should be something that is easily portable and effortlessly carried by mobile workers. In addition, mobile dimensioning systems should withstand harsh environments, connect to 5G networks, and sync with logistics systems for instant data sharing and transaction processing. Without hesitation, they should be able to validate measurements and generally speed up logistics processes. Zebra Dimensioning meets these requirements and can be used by mobile workers in various settings, including warehouses, shipping locations, and door-to-door pickups.

 6. Accurate Read for Regular Parcels: Contrary to common misconceptions, mobile dimensioning systems like Zebra Dimensioning can accurately measure regular parcels, which account for 70% of shipments. Whether plain, wrapped, or printed with graphics, these parcels can be easily dimensioned using Zebra's solution. However, it's essential to verify the capabilities of other platforms, such as handheld scanners or mobile computers with camera accessories, especially regarding lighting conditions. Zebra Dimensioning is capable of performing in any type of lighting, whether indoor, outdoors in sunlight or at night.

 7. Perpetual Licensing: Zebra Dimensioning offers perpetual licensing right out of the box, eliminating hidden fees or renewal requirements. Additionally, all devices with the certified solution are validated, certified, and stickered, simplifying regulatory inspections.

 8. Data Integration: Integrating dimensioning data into backend business apps may require additional effort and investment with other mobile dimensioning products. The whole essence of Zebra's Mobile Dimensioning Application Programming Interface (API) is that it streamlines this integration process as simply as barcode capture. However, other mobile dimensioning products may not offer such seamless integration from the get go. The goal is to ensure that the data flows correctly to the right system to fully benefit from integrated mobile dimensioning.

 If you plan to invest in a mobile dimensioning system soon, it's vital to do your homework. Remember, the most beneficial solution is one that is fully integrated with your existing technology, instantly and accurately measures parcels, and automatically calculates and certifies shipping charges at handoff. By investing in a reliable mobile dimensioning system like Zebra Dimensioning, you can optimise your shipping operations, improve accuracy, and ensure revenue is recovered efficiently.

 With the rapid growth in global parcel shipments, and as margins are increasingly tighter, accurate dimensioning becomes increasingly critical. By embracing mobile dimensioning solutions, you can enhance operational efficiency, eliminate controversial measurement practices, and ensure accurate charging for shipments. It's time to embrace the future of mobile dimensioning and revolutionise your shipping processes with Zebra Dimensioning.

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