Are Rugged Devices Essential?

For organisations with mobile or deskless staff, the choice between rugged and consumer devices has long been a balancing act between durability and affordability. However, developments in both consumer and rugged technology landscapes have shifted the scales in favour of rugged devices. With more than 2.7 billion of the global workforce operating outside traditional office settings, the importance of rugged devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers, cannot be overstated.

In sectors like healthcare, warehouse management, the steel and chemical industries, retail and manufacturing, the quality and capabilities of mobile devices play a critical role in ensuring operational efficiency. Commercial spending on new technology is on the rise in these sectors, indicating a growing recognition of the need to optimise technology for mobile or front-line workers.

But why are rugged devices increasingly becoming the intelligent choice for many organisations? Let's explore five key factors:

1. Durability Pays Off

Rugged devices are built to withstand the rigours of front-line work, from impacts and scratches to dust, dirt, and water exposure. While they may come with a higher initial purchase cost compared to consumer models, the long-term benefits far outweigh this investment. With features like extended-life batteries and screens optimised for gloved or wet hands, rugged devices not only last longer but also incur lower repair and replacement costs, leading to reduced downtime and higher productivity.

2. Functionality Reigns Supreme

In the past, some organisations opted for consumer devices due to perceived functionality advantages. However, the tide has turned, with rugged devices now offering cutting-edge functionality and versatility. The increasing deployment of specialised apps in rugged devices makes them more practical for workplace use. Android's dominance as a platform for rugged mobile devices further enhances their functionality, allowing seamless integration of additional technologies and top-level security features.

3. Cost-Effectiveness at Its Core

The durability of rugged devices not only translates into lower maintenance costs but also offers significant cost savings in the long run. With modern rugged devices equipped with advanced security and management technologies, organisations can protect themselves from costly data breaches. Additionally, rugged technology can drive productivity gains, particularly when integrated with the expansive Android ecosystem and accessories.

4. Engage Your Workforce

Modern rugged devices, powered by user-friendly operating systems like Android, eliminate past challenges associated with worker engagement. Familiarity breeds engagement, and in today's competitive landscape, the employer's choice of technology can significantly impact staff retention and performance. Choosing technology that resonates with your workforce fosters a positive work environment and ultimately drives productivity.

5. Harness the Power of Android

The ubiquity of the Android ecosystem presents numerous advantages for rugged device users. Seamless data backup to the cloud, easy sharing across devices, and enhanced security features make rugged devices an indispensable tool in today's workplace. With Android's commitment to business and organisational operations, the possibilities for future development are endless, ensuring that rugged devices remain at the forefront of workplace technology.


Rugged devices are no longer just a durable alternative to consumer models – they are essential tools for optimising efficiency and productivity in today's dynamic workspaces. Rugged devices offer durability, functionality, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly interfaces, making them the intelligent choice for many organisations.

Furthermore, the ubiquity of the Android ecosystem enhances the appeal of rugged devices, with seamless data backup, easy sharing across devices, and enhanced security features. With Android's commitment to business operations, rugged devices are poised to remain at the forefront of workplace technology, ensuring continued efficiency for organisations with mobile or deskless staff.

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