Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration with the WS50 RFID Android Wearable Computer

WS50 RFID Android Wearable Computer

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, industries are continuously seeking innovative solutions to optimise productivity and streamline workflow processes. Zebra's WS50 RFID Android Wearable Computer is a ground-breaking product that exemplifies this quest for efficiency. This industry-first, all-in-one enterprise-class wearable computer empowers disconnected task workers with a range of functionalities, enhancing collaboration, productivity, and workflow efficiency to unprecedented levels.

One-Piece Wearable Convenience

The WS50 RFID revolutionises the way task workers operate by consolidating multiple devices into a single, wearable solution. With this wearable computer, workers can capture and access data without the need for a host mobile computer or a separate ring scanner. This true 'no-host' one-piece wearable significantly simplifies operations, reduces equipment burdens, and streamlines the entire work process.

Modular Mounting Options for Versatile Use

One size does not fit all, and the WS50 RFID understands this well. Zebra's innovative wearable computer comes with three different wearing styles - wrist, two fingers, or the back of the hand. This adaptability ensures that the WS50 RFID is well-suited for practically any task worker in any industry. Whether it's logistics, warehousing, retail, or manufacturing, the WS50 RFID can be worn comfortably in various configurations, maximising user comfort and convenience.

Boosting Efficiency with Enterprise-Class UHF RFID

The WS50 RFID empowers workers with high-performance UHF RFID functionality, enabling them to work more efficiently and accurately. Capable of reading RFID tags up to 1.5 metres away, this wearable computer is ideal for diverse use cases, such as package sorting, item picking, and user locationing. The integrated upward facing antenna and external downward antenna optimise read accuracy and reliability, ensuring seamless operations even in challenging environments.

Seamless Collaboration with Push-to-Talk (PTT) and Task Management Applications

Efficient communication and collaboration are vital for any workforce. The WS50 RFID is PTT-ready, providing managers and workers with an instant means of communication, expediting issue resolution, and increasing overall staff productivity. Additionally, the support for task management applications enables better staff utilisation and management, ensuring that tasks are efficiently assigned and monitored.

Advanced Barcode Scanning Capabilities

At the core of the WS50 RFID lies Zebra's SE4770 imager, an advanced enterprise-class scanner. The imager's superior data capture performance allows for quick and accurate barcode scanning, even in challenging conditions, such as damaged or poorly printed barcodes. The scanner's exceptional motion tolerance further enhances its usability, capturing barcodes even when the scanner and barcode are in motion.


The WS50 RFID Android Wearable Computer from Zebra is a game-changer for industries that prioritise efficiency, collaboration, and accuracy. By combining multiple functionalities into a single, user-friendly device, it transforms the way task workers operate, unleashing their true potential. From enterprise-class UHF RFID capabilities to advanced barcode scanning and seamless communication features, the WS50 RFID takes workforce productivity and workflow efficiency to new heights. Embrace the future of wearable's and elevate your business operations with the WS50 RFID.