Introducing the new TC22/27 from Zebra Technologies

Introducing the new TC22/27 from Zebra Technologies

Your small or mid-size business competes with industry giants that use the latest enterprise mobile devices to give workers a competitive edge — but the smartphones in your budget don’t offer the features you need. Introducing the equalizer — the TC22/TC27 mobile computers. Building on the highly successful TC2x Series, these third generation devices from the leader in enterprise mobility provide all the latest features you need to level the playing field and make it easier to compete with any size business — from the processor and wireless network compatibility to the display, data capture capabilities, durability, battery power and accessories, plus proven solutions that add new capabilities that allow you to do more with the TC22/TC27. You get the best of all worlds — the smartphone styling your workers want, pricing that fits in your budget, and big business features that boost productivity, customer service quality and sales.

Don’t let the smartphone styling fool you — this device is made for work. Applications run at lightning speed — no waiting for screens to draw or refresh, thanks to the next generation processor and class-leading memory and data storage options. When it comes to wireless connections, you can expect the best — 5G for workers out in the field, Wi-Fi 6/6E for workers inside your facility, and support for private 5G and CBRS private LTE networks for large indoor and outdoor environments — from large warehouses to large outdoor garden centers and outdoor theaters. You’ll never be stuck in an old version of Android — with support through Android 16, you’ll have access to the latest features every day your device is in service. Workers can see more and scroll less with the large advanced 6 in. FHD+ display. Capture barcodes in less time with less effort with your choice of two Zebra world-class scanners, purpose built for business. Choose the SE4710 1D/2D for standard range scanning or the SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine with Intellifocus™ technology to capture items in hand or on the top rack in a warehouse or retail back room, as far as 40 ft. With PRZM Intelligent Imaging, workers can capture barcodes in practically any condition.

The TC22/TC27 is built to last for years — with its durable design, workers can expect reliable operation despite rain, snow, dust, accidental drops and more. Two of the most vulnerable features are no longer fragile — shatter- and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® glass protects the display and scanner exit window. And while these devices are engineered for durability, they are also engineered for comfort. Zebra’s award-winning Industrial design team created a special contoured design that reduces pressure points and provides a secure and comfortable grip for any size hand.

Your workers never need to worry about power with batteries that can power every minute of the longest shift. Since the batteries are removable, you never need to take the devices out of service for charging, improving the return on your investment — every Zebra device is in service every minute of every shift.

Need to take payments? Give your customers the convenience of tap to pay — just integrate the TC22/TC27 with your existing POS contactless payment solution. Need to read electronic tickets, loyalty and gift cards, boarding passes and more stored in Apple or Google Wallets? No problem — support for Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap is already integrated, ready to use right out of the box.

Customise your devices for the job with the right accessories. Scan-intensive tasks are easy with the Snap-On trigger handle. Give workers hands-free freedom to pick orders faster with a wearable arm mount. Make carrying the devices easier with holsters and hand straps — or add a protective boot to make the TC22/TC27 even more rugged.

Get a value only Zebra can offer with Mobility DNA Professional. Increase security, make data capture even easier and simplify everyday device management with this no-cost collection of tools. Want to add more functionality to boost worker productivity? Just purchase the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise license to access advanced software tools. For example, you can enable workers to capture all the barcodes required on a package with a single press of the scan button — even if they are on multiple labels. Give your workers a customised soft keyboard that makes it easy to capture the types of information your business needs. Eliminate dropped connections that erode productivity with ‘won’t drop’ wired-style Wi-Fi connections. And you can eliminate lost devices with Device Tracker, an optional tool available for purchase that allows you to easily track and find missing devices that are equipped with the BLE battery — even if the battery is dead.

When it comes to deliver value, the TC22/TC27 is so much more than a mobile computer. Turn it into a workstation or POS station on demand, a handheld lightning-fast RFID reader, a two-way radio, or a PBX handset with Zebra’s proven solutions. The number of devices your business needs is reduced, and your business is greener, making the affordable TC22/TC27 good for your business — and the planet.

Get the boost you need to compete with any size business with the TC22/TC27 — the smartphone style workers want, the features your business needs, all at a price you can afford.

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