Seamless Device Transition for Front-Line Workers with Zebra’s Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk (PTT) Pro Software Platform

Zebra’s Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk (PTT) Pro Software Platform

In today's uncertain economy, cost-cutting measures have become commonplace across various industries. Additionally, finding and retaining the right talent remains an ongoing challenge. However, these factors should not have a negative impact on front-line workers, customers, or overall business operations. 

For many organisations, obtaining approval for capital expenditures on critical hardware devices can be a daunting task, especially when budget owners are cost-conscious. Nevertheless, it is not an impossible feat. The key lies in adopting a strategic approach that emphasises the non-negotiable nature of the hardware purchase. Building a compelling business case for the desired process or execution change, coupled with the demonstration of its reliance on the right technology, can help secure the necessary approvals. Moreover, tying the acquisition of new hardware to improved productivity and cost savings resulting from enhanced customer satisfaction can further strengthen the case. For instance, quantifying the amount of money lost due to refunds or credits issued to rectify mistakes made by the team highlights the significance of investing in the appropriate technology tools to achieve higher productivity and efficiency. 

The challenge comes in ensuring that a reduced team can efficiently serve a growing customer base without disruptions. Profile Manager, an add-on to Zebra's Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk (PTT) Pro software platform, provides seamless collaboration and communication capabilities to front-line workers. While Workforce Connect already facilitates smooth interaction among workers using different devices, businesses may also utilise device sharing for their PTT Pro-equipped devices. This allows users to optimise their existing devices and leverage Profile Manager to enable role selection and device transitions, thus maximising device usage. 

Let's explore a few examples of how the ‘Role Selection’ feature and device sharing can benefit different industries: 

Retail Stores 

Role selection is particularly advantageous in retail environments where employees often assist in multiple roles. For instance, in a scenario where the meat counter employee is on break and a customer needs assistance, the seafood employee, equipped with their mobile device signed into the seafood department role, can step in seamlessly. By switching profiles using the Workforce Connect PTT Pro Profile Manager, the employee can access the necessary information and contacts from the meat department to assist the customer effectively. This flexibility ensures customer satisfaction and enables employees to provide support across various departments. 

Role selection is also useful for covering unexpected employee absences. If a grocery store's lone employee falls ill and needs to leave before completing their tasks, the night manager or another available employee can quickly sign into the grocery profile on a shared mobile device and continue the unfinished work. 


Mobile technology plays a vital role in healthcare settings, as it can significantly improve patient care quality, employee safety, and overall efficiency. However, limited profits often hinder healthcare organisations from justifying the capital expenditure required to equip every staff member with the necessary technology. To address this challenge, reassessing technology purchases and adopting mobility solutions can provide a cost-effective alternative. Instead of purchasing unique devices for each user, organisations can save substantial amounts of money by acquiring enough devices for a single shift and investing in a software platform that supports role selection. 

Consider a major regional hospital that employed this approach with Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro. At the end of their shifts, workers would leave their devices at a designated point for the incoming employees to pick up. Regardless of their role, the next user would simply sign into the appropriate profile on the device and begin their tasks. For example, a pharmacy technician finishes their shift and signs out of the pharmacy technician profile. Subsequently, a nurse arriving for their shift can pick up the device, sign into the nurse profile, and access the necessary information for their duties. By allowing device sharing and role transitions, the hospital could save millions of dollars that would have been spent on individual devices. 

Manufacturing and Warehousing 

In manufacturing and warehousing environments with constantly changing roles and multiple workers, a role selection tool can facilitate device sharing and save time and money. For instance, a handheld mobile computer or tablet used by an assembly worker on one day can be used by a replenishment worker the next day or even during the same shift. By signing into the relevant profile on the shared device, workers can seamlessly transition between roles and carry out their assigned tasks. 

The same benefits apply to warehouses and distribution centres, where employees may be assigned various roles throughout the day based on demand. With role selection, managers can easily adjust staffing levels to accommodate fluctuating demand and ensure operational agility and flexibility. 


In summary, adopting software solutions that support role selection is crucial for enabling fast transitions between roles and associated tasks for front-line workers who perform multiple duties. Seconds matter, and minimising the time spent searching for the right device or switching between multiple devices boosts worker efficiency and customer satisfaction. To optimise your mobile device configuration and enhance cost-effectiveness, it is recommended to consult your technology partner or reach out to Zebra for more information on leveraging their Profile Manager tool, now available with Workforce Connect PTT Pro as the comprehensive Workforce Connect PTT Premium package. This all-in-one solution empowers employees to connect and collaborate through push-to-talk, call lists, multimedia messaging, GPS locationing, and other job-specific features. Ensure your front-line workers, customers, and business as a whole benefit from seamless device transitions by exploring the advantages of role selection today. 

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