SureMDM now manages Epson POS printers.

SureMDM now manages Epson POS printers.

We are delighted to inform you that the SureMDM Things Management solution from 42Gears now supports Epson POS Printers.

As you know, Epson POS Printers are extensively deployed and that makes it challenging for big businesses, especially retail store chains to get complete visibility into their fleet of Epson POS printers. With SureMDM, retailers can streamline the deployment and management of Epson printers to improve workforce productivity and business efficiency.

Three challenges that can be solved using SureMDM’s Epson support:

Asset Management: Businesses can take stock of the number of printers connected

 to their system, the location of each printer, and whether all devices are functional. SureMDM provides 30 data points, including operational hours, maximum temperature alert, paper count, manufacturer name and date as well as to help IT admins stay on top

 of things.

 Troubleshooting: In a typical setup (without MDM), when a printer malfunctions,

 the IT admins must travel to the location and solve the issues or the end user ships devices off for analysis. SureMDM lets IT admins remotely troubleshoot and quickly fix most issues, thereby reducing operational costs and downtime.

 Firmware Updates: SureMDM shows the firmware version the printer is on

 and allows IT admins remotely update the firmware to ensure the devices are safe from any security threats.

 Please refer to the enclosed information for further details.