Using a Label Printer to Grow Your Small Business and Promote Your Brand

When starting out with eCommerce you can stumble across many challenges, but having a dynamic approach to marketing and your brand will make growing your online business straight-forward. This post discusses how small businesses can make big strides by simply using a label printer to drive forward your brand and reap the benefits with the right tools. Whether you run a small or micro eCommerce - e.g. selling through websites using Shopify, Amazon or on Facebook/Instagram - it’s no secret that growing a customer base can be difficult. The challenge is to create a brand that is visible and memorable and ahead of the competitors.

If you have made steps in starting an online brand, you may already have a business name, a logo, social media presence and a domain name. You may not quite be at this stage and if not, it’s worth utilising the brand development toolkits available on eCommerce platforms. For example, Shopify provides a wealth of information to develop your online business.

It’s all about Aesthetics when Growing a Small Business!

How your brand looks is very important. With your products and branding shared across social media channels, potential customers need to be drawn to your brand from the many others on offer.

Without a doubt, no branding can be effective without providing exceptional customer satisfaction from start to finish. Appealing branding and packaging can all add to the value of the customer experience and play a huge role in drawing in business. The presentation and branding can make all the difference when it comes to the marketing of less interesting, functional products when compared to something exciting.

When you are happy with the look of your brand and visuals, the next challenge is to get them seen. This is where you can set your small business apart from others with a label printer.

To get your brand seen, a great way is to use stickers and labels. They have many uses, such as mailing labels or stickers for products and they make a great promotional item as a giveaway.

A Small Business with a Label Printer will Save Time, Money and Effort with a Great ROI

A label printer can make light work of the mundane aspects of running a small business. Standardised mailing labels will save a huge amount of time when it comes to the distribution of orders. Writing out labels by hand is a job of the past and with pre-cut, pre-stuck labels, your packing will look professional which adds to the value of your brand.

You can go a step further by adding your branding to labels for additional advertising. QR codes on your labels can make it easier for customers and potential customers to find you from your packaging.

The best part? Label printers for small businesses are highly space saving and are easily transportable when selling at pop-up shops or fairs. If you’ve ever worried about how to deal with orders when working off-site, your branding can remain consistent at all times. With the addition of contact details and URLs on all of your packaging, customers will easily be able to buy from you again and make recommendations to their family and friends.

The Datamax-O'Neil RL3 Label Printer Range is a great option for small businesses working  wirelessly. From the shop floor to the remotest parts of the warehouse, this extra durable label printer can effortlessly withstand rough and tumble, thanks to its MIL-STD 810 drop standard - 26 consecutive drops at 6 feet to concrete. With 8+ hours at peak performance, its battery life can withstand the demand of a full shift and seamlessly integrates into any enterprise. Durable gears and latches and an industry-leading 2 year warranty, ensure that reliability is built in. You can explore the full range here and find the right label printer for your business.

Grow Your Small Business with the Right Tools

Investing in the right tools will allow you to focus on growing your small business. Having to make  time for writing out labels and other unproductive admin tasks means spending less time on your brand visibility. Time saving investments will create more time to grow and share your brand, opening up new opportunities for your business and making every bit of your time productive and profitable.

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