What is Zebra Workcloud Communication?

Zebra Workcloud Communication is a transformative solution for organisations across various industries. Formerly known as Workforce Connect, this dynamic platform offers a fully scalable suite of communication tools designed to revolutionise the way businesses operate. Let's explore the capabilities and benefits that Zebra Workcloud Communication brings to the table.

Empowering Frontline Workers:

At the forefront of Zebra Workcloud Communication's mission is the empowerment of frontline workers. By removing collaboration barriers, this suite of communication tools enables frontline teams to operate with clarity, accuracy, and flexibility, regardless of their location within or outside the organisational premises. It facilitates seamless information exchange and collaboration, fostering a cohesive working environment.

Enhancing Productivity Through Connectivity:

Seamless connectivity lies at the heart of Zebra Workcloud Communication. By providing a unified communication platform, businesses can streamline workflows and simplify collaboration. Frontline teams gain instant access to critical information, resources, and colleagues, enabling them to execute tasks efficiently and enhance overall productivity. Real-time communication capabilities ensure swift responses and proactive decision-making, driving operational excellence.

Breaking Down Communication Silos:

Communication silos can impede organisational efficiency and innovation. Zebra Workcloud Communication aims to break down these silos by fostering organic team collaboration. It promotes free-flowing information exchange and secure enterprise communication, enabling teams to stay connected and informed. By leveraging mobile devices as communication tools, businesses can broadcast timely information, send emergency alerts, and facilitate seamless communication across departments and levels.

Driving Customer Loyalty:

Exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of business success. Zebra Workcloud Communication equips frontline teams with intuitive technology to deliver superior customer experiences. Whether it's providing instant assistance, resolving queries promptly, or leveraging GPS tracking to enhance service delivery, businesses can build lasting customer relationships and drive loyalty. By empowering frontline workers with the right tools and information, businesses can exceed customer expectations and differentiate themselves in the market.

Harnessing the Power of Smart Devices:

Zebra Workcloud Communication leverages the ubiquity of smart devices to optimise operational efficiency. By seamlessly integrating with Android smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and mobile computers, businesses can consolidate essential applications into a single, portable device. This convergence not only simplifies workflow management but also yields cost savings by phasing out legacy technologies. Frontline workers gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, enhancing their effectiveness and productivity.

Components of Zebra Workcloud Communication:

PTT Pro:

PTT Pro transforms standard Android or iOS devices into enterprise-grade two-way radios, enabling instant voice communication, image, video, and text messaging.

With limitless communication capabilities, businesses can enhance collaboration, efficiency, and security in workplace communication.

PTT Premium:

Building upon PTT Pro, PTT Premium offers maximum flexibility through Zebra's Profile Manager tool.

This feature-rich platform enables efficient communication, location-based insights, and device sharing options tailored to individual job roles, enhancing operational agility and responsiveness.

Enterprise Voice:

Enterprise Voice seamlessly integrates business phone systems into Zebra mobile devices, enabling seamless communication and collaboration.

Businesses can configure voice calling features, streamline deployments, and customise interfaces to meet workforce needs, driving efficiency and productivity.

All-In-One Solution:

The comprehensive Zebra Workcloud Communication solution combines the functionalities of PTT Premium and Enterprise Voice, offering seamless integration and device sharing capabilities.

With PBX integration and extensive configurability options, businesses can optimise communication workflows, reduce complexity, and drive operational excellence across the organisation.

Task Management:

Zebra Task Management automates task allocation, prioritisation, and tracking, improving sales and operational efficiency.

This intuitive platform enhances workload distribution, simplifies task management, and provides actionable insights to optimise store operations and frontline performance.

Zebra Workcloud Communication and Industry Contributions

1. Retail:

For the retail industry, customer satisfaction is paramount. Zebra Workcloud Communication equips retail associates with intuitive technology to enhance customer service. With instant access to information and colleagues, frontline teams can swiftly address customer queries, provide product recommendations, and ensure a seamless shopping experience. The platform's emergency alert features also ensure staff safety, fostering a secure working environment.

2. Healthcare:

In healthcare settings, efficient communication can significantly impact patient care. Zebra Workcloud Communication streamlines communication among healthcare professionals, ensuring timely responses to patient needs and facilitating rapid decision-making. With features such as location tracking and emergency alerts, healthcare organisations can enhance staff safety and optimise resource allocation, ultimately improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

3. Manufacturing:

Manufacturing operations rely on efficient communication to optimise productivity and safety. Zebra Workcloud Communication enables seamless communication among production teams, supervisors, and support staff, facilitating real-time collaboration and problem-solving. By making the most of features such as task management and GPS tracking, manufacturers can streamline workflows, enhance worker safety, and minimise downtime, thereby maximising operational efficiency and profitability.

4. Transportation & Logistics:

In the transportation and logistics industry, effective communication is essential for operational success. Zebra Workcloud Communication empowers logistics professionals with instant access to critical information, enabling them to coordinate shipments, manage inventory, and respond promptly to changing conditions. With features like Push-to-Talk (PTT) and location services, logistics companies can optimise route planning, minimise delays, and ensure timely deliveries, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Hospitality:

In the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction hinges on efficient and personalised service. Zebra Workcloud Communication equips hotel staff with the tools they need to deliver exceptional guest experiences. Whether it's coordinating room service, responding to guest requests, or managing housekeeping operations, frontline teams can communicate seamlessly and efficiently, enhancing service delivery and guest satisfaction. The platform's location-based insights and emergency alert features also contribute to a safe and secure environment for guests and staff alike.

6. Field Service:

Field service operations require effective communication to optimise service delivery and customer satisfaction. Zebra Workcloud Communication enables field service technicians to communicate with dispatchers, access job-related information, and collaborate with colleagues in real-time. With features like PTT and GPS tracking, organisations can improve response times, optimise scheduling, and ensure efficient resource allocation, ultimately driving customer loyalty and business growth.


Zebra Workcloud Communication emerges as a transformative solution for organisations across various industries, empowering frontline workers, enhancing productivity, breaking down communication silos, and driving customer loyalty. By leveraging the power of smart devices and integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure, this dynamic platform revolutionises the way businesses operate, streamlining workflows, reducing costs, and driving operational excellence. With components such as PTT Pro, PTT Premium, Enterprise Voice, and Task Management, Zebra Workcloud Communication offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern organisations.

Furthermore, the platform's industry-specific contributions highlight its versatility and impact across retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, hospitality, and field service sectors. Whether it's improving customer service in retail settings, enhancing patient care in healthcare facilities, optimising production processes in manufacturing plants, ensuring timely deliveries in logistics operations, elevating guest experiences in hospitality establishments, or streamlining field service operations, Zebra Workcloud Communication serves as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency.

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