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Datalogic is a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialising in the design and production of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, RFID vision and laser marking systems.

Datalogic solutions help to increase the efficiency and quality of processes in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare industries, along the entire value chain. The world's leading players in the four reference industries use Datalogic products, certain of the attention to the customer and of the quality of the products that the Group has been offering for 45 years.

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Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500 Range

SKU: Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500

The PowerScan PBT9500 area imager is a mobile scanner based on Bluetooth wireless technology. It includes all of the scanning features associated with the PowerScan 9500 family and provides the freedom of mobility to move around a warehouse without the entanglement of cables.


From £432.19 excl Vat

Datalogic Joya Touch Healthcare Range

SKU: Datalogic Joya Touch Healthcare

The Joya Touch A6 Healthcare is a multi-purpose device that is ideal for various Healthcare applications such as Bedside Care, Admitting, Nursing Activities, Pharmacy, Data Collection and more.


From £655.33 excl Vat

Datalogic Gryphon GBT4100 Range

SKU: Datalogic Gryphon 4100

The Gryphon GM4100 cordless linear imagers offer the richest feature set among general purpose product offerings.


From £202.36 excl Vat

Datalogic Rhino II Rugged Vehicle Range

SKU: Datalogic Rhino II

The Rhino II vehicle mount computers, available in both 10” and 12” display sizes, set the standard for ruggedness in the warehouse.


From £1,821.90 excl Vat

Datalogic Skorpio-X4 Mobile Range

SKU: Datalogic Skorpio-X4 Mobile

Skorpio X4 represents a reliable and rugged companion for Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Health care verticals in all their typical warehousing applications.


From £560.60 excl Vat


SKU: 944250034

Memor X3 Healthcare: 802.11a/b/g/n CCX V4, Bluetooth.
256 MB RAM/512 MB Flash, 806 MHz, 25-key Numeric, Multi-Purpose 2D Imager with Green Spot, Windows CE Pro 6.0, Extended Battery (2,300 mAh); White.


£593.65 excl Vat


SKU: 945500001

Datalogic Falcon X4 Hand held, 802.11 a/b/g/n MIMO CCX v4, Bluetooth v2.1.
1GB RAM/8GB Flash, 29-Key Numeric, Green Laser-like 1D Imager w Green Spot, Android 4.4, EU


£983.82 excl Vat


SKU: 945500002

Datalogic Falcon X4 Hand held, 802.11 a/b/g/n MIMO CCX v4, Bluetooth v2.1.
1GB RAM/8GB Flash, 52-Key Alpha Numeric, Green Laser-like 1D Imager w Green Spot, Windows Embedded Compact 7, EU


£938.98 excl Vat