Chemical Industry

All Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods need to be labelled appropriately with long-term legibility in mind, ensuring the highest levels of safety are maintained.  Hazardous chemicals need to be labelled in the appropriate way in order to achieve GHS compliance.

For Drum Labelling, the BS5609 standard requires that chemical labels withstand 90-day sea immersion and retain legibility and adherence to the drum. Bar Code Data Ltd are a labelling specialist and have long-standing relationships with label material manufacturers, enabling us to ensure that we manufacture labels to meet the most challenging and rigorous specifications.

We supply not only pre-printed labels for the chemical industry, using high-quality Zebra ribbons that can be trusted to meet the high demands of BS5609 but we also provide solutions to those customers that require the flexibility of being able to print on demand. 

Bar Code Data Ltd are partners with Loftware, the leading developer of labelling software, and Epson, a trusted supplier of high-quality colour printers. With our in-house technical team, we can not only supply the software, printers, and labels for printing compliant chemical labels with full audit traceability, but we can also work with you to create custom solutions to ensure that compliant labelling is a streamlined process within your business. 

We also specialise in asset tracking and inventory management solutions, utilising barcode and/or RFID technology to provide full visibility and traceability of assets and stock, an invaluable tool in monitoring Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods. 

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