Colour Printing Solution

Epson ColourWorks Printer Series

Epson is a trusted name in receipt and label printing solutions, offering a range of high-performance printers designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. From thermal receipt printers to advanced label printers, Epson's printers deliver exceptional quality, reliability, and speed, helping businesses improve efficiency and streamline their operations. The ColorWorks range of label printers offers vibrant, full-colour label printing capabilities, enabling businesses to create high-quality labels for product packaging, inventory management, and more. With a range of connectivity options Epson's printers are easy to integrate into existing systems, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade their printing capabilities.

One notable feature of Epson ColorWorks printers is their ability to print in full colour, allowing for the creation of eye-catching labels that stand out on products and packaging. Whether it's vibrant logos, product images, or intricate barcodes, these printers can reproduce a wide range of colours with impressive precision.

Another key advantage of Epson ColorWorks printers is their flexibility and versatility. These printers support a variety of label sizes and media types, including glossy, matte, and synthetic materials, catering to diverse labelling needs across different industries. Additionally, they offer options for both roll-to-roll and fan-fold media handling, allowing businesses to choose the configuration that best suits their workflow requirements.

Furthermore, Epson ColorWorks printers are designed for ease of use and integration. They come equipped with intuitive software and connectivity options, making it easy to create and print labels from various devices and applications. Whether it's standalone operation or integration with existing systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management software, Epson ColorWorks printers offer seamless connectivity and compatibility.

Epson C4000 series

Easy integration: Drivers are accessible for Windows, Linux, Mac, and ESC Label, along with compatibility with ZPLII. Additionally, with the optional Wi-Fi dongle, you gain the ability to print from any location at any time.

User-friendly: A spacious (2.7 inches) LCD facilitates straightforward operation. Swapping and changing media rolls is a breeze, and the model includes an auto-cutter for added convenience.

Epson C6000/C6500 series

Produce durable and top-notch custom labels swiftly and effortlessly, consistently delivering high-quality results. The C6000 accommodates print widths of up to 4 inches, while the C6500 supports labels of up to 8 inches in width.

Unique built-in peeler: Save time by automatically removing backing paper, a feature exclusive to inkjet label printers. The peeler seamlessly integrates with Print & Apply applications.

Durable labels: Utilise UltraChrome DL pigment inks to print long-lasting labels.

Epson C7500 series

Perfect for high-volume printing where durability is paramount, it establishes new benchmarks for dependable, rapid, top-quality colour label printing.

Fast: Achieve printing speeds of 300mm/sec, even at high resolutions of 600 x 1200 dpi.

Cost-effective: Manage costs effectively with efficient, high-capacity individual ink cartridges. 

Where can the Epson Colorworks range be used?

The industries that benefit from the functionality of the Epson Colorworks are as follows:

  • Chemical Labels
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Food and Catering
  • Warehouse and Logistics

Chemical labels (GHS)

Clear, high-quality chemical labels ensure efficiency of operation, clarity of instructions and safety of workers.

Remain compliant: Produce fully compliant chemical labels that meet GHS standards and easily update them when required.

Streamline label production: Quickly and accurately print all labels in a single straightforward process and avoid ordering extra labels you don’t need.

Produce clear images and pictograms: Print in high-quality colour to ensure key information ID's displayed clearly.


Colour on healthcare labels improves the visual recognition of vital information, such as patient names and dosage instructions. This reduces operational risks for hospitals, and more importantly, provides better patient care and safety.

Produce accurate patient and dosage information: Use colour and design to improve visual recognition of vital information, such as patient names and dosage instructions.

Create clear visual instructions: Precisely and perfectly print pictograms and other visual information onto blank labels in one smooth process.

Reduce risk of errors: Producing large volumes of labels that are consistent reduces the risk of errors in patient care.


Move your shelf-edge label production in-store. Whether creating labels with colourful logos, promotions or important product information, you can take care of all your shelf-edge labelling requirements.

Improve brand recognition: Customise product packaging and improve marketing communications via unique short-run labelling applications.

Stand out from the competition: The use of colour allows you to differentiate your products from those of competitors and helps customers instantly recognise your brand.

Highlight important information: Highlight information within a label’s content, or print speciality labels on demand.


Improve visitor safety, enhance your brand image and add customised adverts, turning visitor passes into promotional tools for your company.

Create professional-looking tickets: Print individually designed tickets and ID badges in full colour, on-demand to enhance brand recognition.

Customise promotions to boost sales: Customise tickets and ID cards with promotional or personalised information. Add advertisements and other promotional information relevant to ticket-holders to boost future sales.

Improve security with visual ID: Add full-colour photos to ID cards, for ease of visual identification.

Food and catering

Create engaging colour labels that stand out on packaging and products on demand. Customise labels for increased brand awareness and show important information clearly even in small areas with high-resolution printing.

Show key product information: Protect customers and your business by clearly highlighting important information, such as food allergens and nutritional information, with full-colour traffic-light labelling systems.

Create eye-catching special offers: Use colour to differentiate your products from those of your competitors. Highlight price changes and create eye-catching special offers.

Increase customer loyalty: Highlight brands with quality colour printing. Upsell products and increase profit margins by personalising labels.

Warehouse and logistics

Improve inventory management and product identification to help large and complex supply chains connected and running smoothly.

Improve traceability with colour coding: Help ensure the right products go to the right place.

Reduce supply chain errors: Use colour to make labels easier to track and avoid mistakes.

Save costs, and reduce waste: Be more cost-efficient in your label production by reducing waste and eliminating the upfront costs of pre-printed labels.

Current challengesLabels are pre-printed, which is expensive and takes up a huge amount of space.