Brother in Healthcare

Brother in Healthcare

We understand the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and continually innovate to support them effectively. Brother UK is committed to enhancing efficiency in primary healthcare practices throughout the UK. Their printers seamlessly integrate with all major clinical software programs, saving front-line staff valuable time that could be better spent on patient care. Furthermore, Brother's goals are to prioritise sustainability, striving to minimise energy, paper, and resource consumption throughout the lifecycle of every Brother product, from delivery to recycling.

Brothers PJ-7 Compact Printer Series

Effortlessly generate quotes, invoices, and reports on the go, streamlining operations for field sales, service, logistics, delivery, and emergency services. The PJ-723, equipped with USB connectivity, presents a compact mobile A4 printing solution that conveniently fits into a briefcase or computer bag, while also being suitable for permanent installation in vehicles. Featuring high-resolution thermal print technology at 300 dpi, it ensures sharp text output at speeds of up to 8 pages per minute. Compatible with a wide array of mobile and desktop operating systems, the PJ-723 seamlessly integrates into your existing applications and software through various SDKs (Software Development Kits).

Brother PJ-8 full-page portable thermal printer 

For nearly three decades, Brother PocketJet has been the benchmark for full-page portable thermal printers. Now, the PocketJet-8 mobile thermal printer takes it a step further, offering faster print speeds, expanded connectivity options, improved quality, and a wider array of paper and label capabilities. Despite these enhancements, it maintains the same compact size, ensuring compatibility with existing Brother PocketJet-7 printer mounts and accessories. With lifetime customer service support and our industry-leading 2-year premier limited warranty, the Brother PocketJet-8 offers peace of mind and is primed to print virtually anywhere you need it. Get ready for a portable thermal printer that's geared up to deliver at your desired pace.

Brother continues to uphold its reputation for reliability. The PJ-8 comes with a robust 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime technical support. Just like its predecessors, the PocketJet-8 is renowned for its quality, speed, and dependability


Speed: High-resolution thermal print technology at 300dpi produces crisp text at a print speed of up to 8 pages per minute.

Connectivity: The PJ-7 with its USB, MFi, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth® connectivity offers a mobile A4 print solution compact enough to fit easily into a briefcase or computer bag, but that can also be permanently installed in vehicles.

Paper: Support for up to A4-sized paper makes it ideal for invoices.

Battery Life: The latest lithium battery, boasting a capacity of 1750mAh, offers nearly five times the power of the existing nickel-metal hydride battery rated at 360mAh. It's designed to print 500-600 pages on a single full charge.

How does the PocketJet-8 improve upon its previous model?

When considering enhancements, significant improvements are evident in printer speed, battery longevity, and connectivity options:


Speed: The PJ-8 now boasts impressive print speeds of up to 13.5 pages per minute, a notable increase from the PJ-7's 8 pages per minute. This enhancement is particularly beneficial in time-sensitive situations.

Connectivity: While retaining its existing connectivity features such as MFi, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth®, the PocketJet-8 now introduces modern USB-C compatibility. USB-C, although similar in appearance to traditional USB cords, offers enhanced versatility and a smaller form factor. This upgrade enables both power and data transfer, catering to evolving technological needs.

Paper: With high-resolution printing at 300 dpi and excellent wireless connectivity, this mobile A4/A5 printer series is perfect for working in the community.

Battery Life: The latest lithium battery, boasting a capacity of 1750mAh, offers nearly five times the power of the existing nickel-metal hydride battery rated at 360mAh. It's designed to print 500-600 pages on a single full charge.

Brother TD-2 Series

The TD direct thermal label printers help reduce human error and increase efficiency by replacing error-prone handwritten labels. This range of 2-inch Printers excels in the Healthcare

Optional peeler accessories also make it easy to take the printed label even with gloves on. Ideal for a long list of applications:

  • Patient admissions labels
  • Appointment cards
  • Specimen and pathology labels
  • Laboratory labels
  • Wristbands

High-Quality Printing: The Brother TD-2 printer delivers crisp, high-resolution prints, which are essential for printing patient labels, wristbands, prescriptions, and other critical documents in healthcare settings. Clear and legible prints are crucial for accurate patient identification and medication administration.

Durability and Reliability: Healthcare environments demand robust and reliable equipment that withstand constant use and potentially harsh conditions. The Brother TD-2 printer is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in demanding healthcare settings.

Versatility: The TD-2 printer supports a variety of media types and sizes, allowing healthcare professionals to print a wide range of documents, including labels, wristbands, tags, and prescriptions. This versatility enables healthcare facilities to streamline printing processes and meet their diverse printing needs with a single device.

Fast Printing Speeds: Efficiency is crucial in healthcare, where timely access to information can significantly impact patient care. The Brother TD-2 printer offers fast printing speeds, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly produce the documents they need without delays.

Compatibility with Healthcare Systems: Many healthcare facilities use specialised software and systems for patient management, prescription processing, and other tasks. The Brother TD-2 printer is compatible with various healthcare systems and can seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, facilitating efficient document printing and management.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations: Healthcare organisations must adhere to strict regulations and standards regarding patient information and document management. The Brother TD-2 printer offers features such as secure printing and compliance with industry regulations, helping healthcare facilities maintain confidentiality and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Wireless Connectivity: The TD-2 printer supports wireless connectivity options, enabling healthcare professionals to print documents from their computers, smartphones, or tablets without needing to be physically connected to the printer. This wireless capability enhances flexibility and convenience in healthcare environments where mobility is essential.

Overall, the Brother TD-2 printer's combination of high-quality printing, durability, versatility, speed, compatibility, compliance features, and wireless connectivity makes it a valuable asset in healthcare settings, helping to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

Brother TD-4D Series

The TD-4410D represents the latest generation of four-inch desktop thermal printers by Brother. These meticulously crafted barcode label printers offer optimal performance, quality, and seamless integration at an outstanding value, enabling users to conveniently print labels, wristbands, and receipts required for various healthcare purposes, the TD-4210D ensures swift printing and seamless integration into both current and prospective workflows within any clinical setting.

Brother has recently broadened its TD4 series to offer a more extensive array of solutions catering to all your desktop labelling needs. We now present direct thermal technology for cost-effective, high-volume labelling and newly developed thermal transfer printers renowned for their exceptional durability. With support for BarTender and SAP, workflows are streamlined, while a variety of convenient accessories provide added versatility. Whatever the task may be, there's now a dependable and efficient TD4 solution available for it.

The range comes with a suite of key improvements to make labelling even easier and more effective than ever, including auto-media configuration for better usability. BarTender and SAP support have also been included to enable seamless workflows, while Mobile Deploy makes company-wide software updates effortless.

With no need for inks, toners or ribbon, our direct thermal printers combine affordability with simplicity. Easy to load and even easier to use, you can expect professional results for everything from receipts and tickets to visitor passes and shipping labels. 

If you need something more hardwearing and longer lasting, our new thermal transfer technology excels. Its high-resolution, durable labels are ideal for numerous applications in the transport and logistics, retail, healthcare and food sectors. There’s flexibility too, with our thermal transfer printers also able to print in direct thermal mode. Both technologies are also compatible with a range of accessories, including label peelers and cutter attachments. 

With six printers in total to choose from, all with three-year warranties as standard for added peace of mind, there’s now a TD4 for every job. Alongside the RuggedJet series and high-speed QL series, it allows us to deliver a comprehensive 4” labelling lineup that has every task covered.

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