CleanSlate UV Device Sanitiser

Cleanslate UV Device Sanitiser – Key Feature

* Proven to kill Covid-19, MRSA, E-Coli and other harmful pathogens on all non-porous items

* 360º Sanitisation Guaranteed - Chamber design + special UV glass

* Industry Fastest Cycle Time – devices sanitised in just 20 seconds

* Works on a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, voceras, badges, and other non-medical devices

* Touch-free device removal - automatic lid opening keeps sanitised devices + hands clean

* No device-damaging chemicals interacting with expensive touchscreen devices

* Multiple Devices - 2 to 4 devices per cycle can be sanitised

* Hospital-grade Efficacy Testing that uses EPA recommended standards + 3rd party lab report to prove effectiveness.

* Low Cost – up to 4x cheaper than using anti-bacterial wipes

* No Training is required

How does it work?

Mobile phones are often overlooked in the disinfection process, however, clean hands can immediately become contaminated once a phone is touched. CleanSlate machines use UV-C light to disinfect phones and other small devices at the speed of light. This solution is extremely easy for your service providers and visitors to use. All they have to do is insert the device, clean their hands, and remove their items via a touch-free retrieval process.

A user simply raises the lid on the device and places their personal items or mobile devices into the device.

Once the lid is closed, the items move back into the ‘sanitising area’ of the machine automatically.

The user begins to clean their hands with hand sanitiser which is mounted next to the device. We recommend cleaning hands for 20 second, as recommended by the NHS (

UVC light is applied to all sides of the items in the CleanSlate UV sanitiser for 20 seconds in the device to kill harmful pathogens.

Once the cleaning cycle is complete and hands are cleaned, the lid will open automatically (to prevent touching an unclean surface) and the user will collect their items and go about their day.

 CleanSlate UV: The UV Light Solution proven to kill 99.979% of the novel coronavirus

The company’s solution will kill at least 99.979% of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) on smartphones in just 20 seconds without the use of any chemicals.

CleanSlate UV has become the first mobile device sanitiser to make testing-backed efficacy claim against the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. The solution has killed 99.979% of surrogate virus in just 20 seconds, with testing and production enabled by a $300,000 contribution award from the Government of Canada as part of COVID-19 initiatives.