Healthcare Tracking and Sensor Technology

Why is Asset Tracking crucial?

For healthcare institutions to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, asset tracking is essential. Healthcare personnel can improve patient care results by precisely tracking the location and use of medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, infusion pumps, and monitors, and ensuring prompt access to resources. Furthermore, asset monitoring systems assist in preventing costly equipment from being lost or misplaced, which reduces costs and improves resource utilisation.

All things considered, efficient asset tracking systems are essential to the seamless running of medical facilities, which in turn improves patient care and organisational effectiveness as a whole.

Explore how our Tracit360 software utilises Zebra's ZS300 Temperature Sensors

Tracit360 - Our Track and Trace Solution

Tracit360 is our cloud-based, intelligent asset-tracking solution for the NHS, aimed at laboratories. Tracit360 has been developed jointly with our longstanding software partners Alternative Logic, a well-established supplier of software solutions to the NHS. Tracit360 is an end-to-end solution for Laboratories, Pathology Departments and transport teams used to track Pharmacy cases, bags, specimen bags, and temperature-controlled transport cases, from origination at GP sites and clinics, items in transit, right through to processing in laboratories.

This GS1-certified sample tracking track and trace software solution offers the user the ability to establish exactly where products, samples and other assets are whilst they are on the move.

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Zebra ZS300 Electronic Temperature Sensor

Elevate your supply chain insights with the Zebra ZS300 Electronic Sensor, an advanced data logging device that will help you attain heightened precision and real-time monitoring capabilities. This technology enables enhanced control and optimisation of your supply chain operations, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

The ZS300 Electronic Sensor is rugged and highly efficient, boasting an IP67 rating to ensure dependable performance even in the most demanding scenarios. Zebra's Bluetooth-enabled data logger, employing Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2, facilitates rapid data transmission, substantially cutting down the time required for gathering critical environmental data. This empowers you with unparalleled supply chain insights. Simple to set up, the temperature data logger can be utilised for monitoring products with varying temperature requirements. Additionally, Zebra's complimentary sensor recycling initiative simplifies environmental responsibility, offering a hassle-free approach to sustainability.

Secure Temperature Data Logger with Seamless Integration

The ZS300 Electronic Sensor comes with easy-to-use development tools, making integrating data into your workflows and enterprise systems simple and improving the process of real-time data delivery from your temperature data logger to remain secure. Zebra’s data platform built with robust security, provides secure connections while continuously delivering supply chain intelligence from your data logger. Offering high precision and accuracy in monitoring temperature fluctuations, this temperature logger provides effortless data collection for tracking environmental conditions and giving you critical decision-making insights throughout your cold chain logistics. 

Temperature Monitors Help Improve Quality and Compliance

The ZS300 Electronic Sensor and ZB200 Bridge continuously provide accurate temperature and location data in real-time, facilitating report generation for enhanced quality and regulatory compliance, and enabling businesses to stay ahead. With continuous and accurate real-time location and temperature monitoring, The ZS300 Electronic Sensor and ZB200 Bridge form a dynamic duo that empowers businesses to stay ahead of the curve and meet industry requirements.

Environmentally Responsible Smart Temperature Sensors

Using smart temperature data loggers empowers businesses to minimise waste and reduce the environmental impact of their operations by monitoring for optimal temperature conditions for goods. This gives you the information you need to reduce the risk of spoilage and unnecessary resource consumption. On top of that, Zebra’s reusable smart temperature sensors are sold in multi-packs using minimal biodegradable packaging to support your sustainability goals. And Zebra's no-cost recycling programme for electronic sensors makes environmental responsibility simple, with less than one percent reaching the landfill.

How can the Zebra ZS300 Temperature Sensors benefit Asset Tracking?

Bar Code Data offers a comprehensive solution for transporting samples and blood products across various healthcare disciplines, including Blood Sciences, Histopathology, and Cytology, from GP Practices to processing laboratories. The Tracit360 Solution provides real-time updates on shipment transportation, ensuring efficient and timely delivery. Additionally, the ZS300 environmental sensor provides valuable insights into the condition of sensitive assets like pathological samples within healthcare settings, enhancing asset management and ensuring integrity throughout the transportation process.

These sensors ensure that temperature-sensitive assets, such as pharmaceuticals or perishable goods, remain within optimal conditions during transportation or storage. Providing real-time data, remote monitoring, and proactive alerts, the ZS300 sensors enable asset managers to track asset status continuously and intervene promptly if temperature deviations occur, mitigating risks of damage or loss.

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