It is likely that you are interested in using advanced data capture and barcode printing technology to cut costs, streamline operations, and improve quality control. Therefore we will recommend a total barcode solution that is tailored to your manufacturing needs.

We will assess the best equipment for your business, whether that is a cart-mounted or mobile solution to ensure you have flexibility in your operations.

We can provide:

• High-resolution barcode printers for barcode labels suitable for circuit boards

• High-volume, high-speed barcode printers that can produce standard or large-format barcode labels at production speeds

• Automatically encoded linear or two-dimensional (2-D) barcodes

• Different types of text and graphics, or RFID smart barcode labels, to support your production processes

• Mobile printing solutions to improve productivity

• Wireless networking which lets you run printers wherever without the need for cables

• Embedded XML capabilities, printer emulation, multiple ERP interface options, and other connectivity features

• Permanent, secure barcode labelling and marking solutions to meet your lifetime identification and traceability needs

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