Stock & Inventory Management

Bar Code Data Ltd provides stock and inventory management solutions to complement your WMS, this is a key part of the supply chain and first and foremost aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse.

From start to finish, from racking labelling all the way to a full warehouse inventory management system. Our Stock Control and Inventory Management system work together, using our bespoke barcode software developed by our in-house developers that can be customised and integrated for many well-known systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Inventory management involves coordinating the movement of goods within a company through a seamless cycle of ordering, storing, producing, selling, and replenishing goods. It ensures the right type of goods reach the right place in the right quantity at the right time and at the right price. Essentially, inventory management maintains product availability at warehouses, retailers, and distributors.

For your Bar Code Data solution to run smoothly we can use a range of Wireless and mobile-enabled technology equipment from barcode scanners, barcode readers, label printers, barcode printers, terminals, mobile computers, EPOS systems, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, barcode software and hardware solutions, tailored to the needs of your business that enables you to access your business data in real-time.

Bar Code Data Stock Management solutions streamline processes using barcoding and RFID technology to produce real-time data for inventory and asset management. Pair with Bar Code Data’s extensive hardware range and you have a full end-to-end solution. Your business will benefit from improved workflows, more efficient (and happier) staff, and overall better customer service meaning you are fully equipped to meet the fluctuating and unpredictable business demands. 

Bar Code Data Inventory Management solutions provide:

Active inventory management, ensuring the right amount of stock on hand, limiting the risk of stockouts and inaccurate records.

Effective inventory management, keeps cash moving through the business by spending money on inventory that sells.

Understanding stock trends allows efficient use of existing stock, reducing costs tied up in inventory and minimising unsold stock.

That you can fulfil orders promptly which contributes to customer loyalty.

Real-time visibility of items on hand and locations.

Cycle counting, eliminating costly annual stock taking.

Compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act.

At-a-glance dashboards and management reporting, to provide ultimate visibility for your business needs.

Bar Code Data Ltd provides free consultation on all Inventory Management requirements big and small, contact Bar Code Data on 03333 660 842 and book your appointment.