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The World's Leading Manufacturer of Label Dispensers, Rewinders, Unwinders, Slitters & Core Chucks

LABELMATE has engineered a complete range of rugged, durable products. Avalablie from Barcode Data. You can choose from very low-cost Universal Label Rewinders to High-Speed Heavy-Duty Rewinders for use in continuous-duty high-volume production environments. LABELMATE Slitters increase your small label production efficiency while LABELMATE Unwinders solve your label feed problems. Core Chucks make mounting and removing label rolls easy.

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SKU: AD1211-S0

Label Rewinder: Roll Diameter up to 10”.
Label Width up to 5”, Adjustable Core Holder from 1.57” up to 4.64”


£237.79 excl Vat


SKU: AD1221-S0

Label Rewinder: Roll Diameter up to 10”.
Label Width up to 6.85”, Adjustable Core Holder from 1.57” up to 4.64”


£226.99 excl Vat

CAT-3 Heavy Duty Rewinder Range

SKU: CAT-3 Heavy Duty Rewinder

The CAT-3-STANDARD handles labels up to 155 mm wide and will wind a roll of labels up to a 300 mm diameter.


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CAT-4 Rewinders Ranges

SKU: CAT-4 Rewinders

Created to extend the capabilities of our heavy-duty rewinder range, the CAT-4 is now our most performant rewinder.


From £442.22 excl Vat

DPR Label Rewinder Range

SKU: DPR Label Rewinder

Our range of label rewinders can handle labels up to 5” and 6.85” wide and rewind rolls with a diameter up to ,10” onto an adjustable core holder from 1.57” up to 4.64” or 3” fixed core holder.


From £226.99 excl Vat

LD-RS & LD-U Label Dispenser Range

SKU: LD-RS LD-U Label Dispenser

The LD-RS Type Automatic Label Dispensers for all regular labels (not for transparent or black labels). The LD-U Type Automatic Label Dispensers using a new “state of the art” reflective detector that allows the machine to dispense all types of labels, including transparent and black labels. The LD-S Type for very small, long or unusual shape labels.


From £354.53 excl Vat



Automatically advances the next label ready to pick. Fast label loading..
Quick and convenient operation. Label width: up to 155mm. Label length: 6mm to 150mm. Speed Minimum 11cm/sec. Not for transparent labels. Size: W x D x H: 210 x 200 x 270mm.


£354.53 excl Vat



Same features as LD-100-RS but with wider label capacity.
Size: W x D x H: 270 x 200 x 270 mm.


£707.96 excl Vat