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    Mobile Workstations

    Powered Mobile Workstations For Manufacturing

    Powered carts are the easiest way to mobilise your IT equipment

    The Falcona range of mobile workstations enables the receiving, inspecting, recording, labelling and re-routing of products in and out of good receiving all at the point of activity. Tasks such as inventory checks, quality control monitoring, product labelling and packaging can be handled using the same workstation, removing the need for static workstations.

    The ROI and efficiency benefits of having remote operators connected directly to your
    host or warehouse solution live via our workstations are clear and can be easily measured
    in recouped working hours. Mobilising your stationary PCs or terminals, barcode printers, scanners or packing equipment will reduce operator inefficiencies and speed up the whole process.

    Using mobile workstations reduces the distance that operators walk in the working day and can almost eliminate "wait" time, providing powerful productivity gains, often realising a full return on investment in less than 6 months.

    The ROI is particularly strong for facilities employing a wireless network infrastructure. For a relatively small incremental investment in mobile workstations, you create new ways to increase efficiency, reduce operator errors and leverage the wireless infrastructure investment.


    Direct Labelling
    Why create labels away from the point of application? 

    Do you need to remove the common labelling errors caused by the delay between the production of the label and the time to apply the label? Give your team a mobile workstation and instantly your team will be creating your labels where and when they need them.

    Our customers are seeing a 50% faster throughput and significant improvements in accuracy when producing labels at the point of activity.

    Inventory management
    Take your stock control system straight to the stock mobilising the workforce with your existing IT infrastructure.

    Accurate data capture and stock handling are some of the returns on investment that add to the overall cost efficiency and productivity of any company. Correcting and rectifying stock issues often involves multiple staff and extended time in walking to and from the stock system to check details or update counts.

    Stock control and counting can be carried out quickly and efficiently if your staff have the solution with them when and where they need it - next to the stock.

    Consolidated Pick, Pack and Print
    Finally, a robust and easy way to enhance your dispatch process all from one mobile workstation. Increases in speed and accuracy derived from the workstations can be used in many of the common warehouse operations, including cross-docking, receiving, put away, quality assurance, picking, packaging, and shipping. Mobile workstations can go wherever workers go.

    In goods-out / despatch departments, sales orders can be picked, inspected, labelled and routed all on the same workstation. This eliminates the product being handled multiple times as well as reducing the unnecessary walk and wait time.
    When you add in the ability for your staff to work with your ERP or warehouse solution terminal wirelessly, savings can be substantial. Enhancing this process often doubles efficiency. Imagine your teams completing the pick and dispatch process in one operation. Pick the products, confirm on screen, print the delivery label and dispatch documents all in one process.

    For further information on how we can help you streamline your business contact us today 03333 660 842 or



    Remove paperwork
    Real time data and systems
    Faster - stock scanning
    Workforce Efficiencies
    Real time stock information
    Accuracy of picking
    Reduction counting errors
    Direct labelling
    Inventory management
    Consolidated Pick, Pack and Print

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    Picture of MPS2000-Mobile Picking Station

    MPS2000-Mobile Picking Station

    The MPS2000 (Mobile Picking Station) is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind.
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    Picture of MWS1000 Mobile Work Station

    MWS1000 Mobile Work Station

    The MWS1000 (Mobile Work Station) is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. This tough, warehouse ready workstation provides independent power for your IT equipment, easily supporting a host of applications.
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