Quality Policy

Policy Statement

The Quality Policy of Bar Code Data Ltd is to determine, agree & conform to our client's needs & expectations, whilst fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001 and statutory law. All of our equipment and labelling services and activities are undertaken to current revisions of British Standards and industry codes of practice.

Bar Code Data Ltd recognises that to be competitive & maintain good economic performance in the barcode label industry, we must employ management systems that continually improve the quality of our products & services that in turn, increase the satisfaction of our clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers & society at large.

The key objectives of Bar Code Data ltd are that the Management System provides;-

  • Confidence of our clients that their requirements for quality and safety are being achieved in the delivered product or service.
  • Confidence in our management and staff that requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained, & that quality improvements take place.
  • A framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

We are conscious that the motivation of our employees is dependent on their training and understanding of the tasks they are expected to perform. It is part of our ongoing training programme that this policy is communicated and understood at appropriate levels within Bar Code Data Ltd and interested parties.

Quality of workmanship is the responsibility of all employees of the company

Signed Mike Jackson

Position: Managing Director.