Established in 2002, with a mission to develop technology that enhances working practices and benefits, Altlogic's team of in–house software developers combine industry insights with alternative thinking and absolute logic to build innovative products that work effortlessly in partnership with Bar Code Data. Altlogic powers our own Tracit360 solution. This solution is an end-to-end asset management on the transportation of laboratory supplies such as Pharmacy cases, specimen bags, and temperature-controlled blood transport cases. To find out more, call our sales department 0161 330 0077, or email us at

A key product, FieldLogic is aimed at businesses who rely on field or remote workers and who can often lose track of where workers are, what stock they have, where that stock is, whether or not customers have been visited as promised, and which jobs have been completed.

These issues can lead to countless inefficiencies, escalating costs, wasted resources, and worse still, dissatisfied customers. We’ve developed software platforms that manage every aspect of remote operations seamlessly, so you always know the exact status of every job within your business.

To find out more, call our sales department at 0161 330 0077

Altlogic's solutions aim to increase the efficiency of your business through its everyday operations. Each service is tailored to business operations, minimising complex transitions by integrating with existing systems.

Altlogic's main solution areas include:

Workforce Management - effortlessly manage your workforce wherever they are.- Click here

Stock and Asset tracking - track goods, assets, and stock consumption using the latest technologies including RFID. - Click here

Route Planning and Optimisation - optimise routes and track journey costs while keeping your operation and customers up to date. - Click here

Reporting and Analytics - analyse data via integrated reporting and utilise dashboard and wallboard for live performance status. - Click here

Workflow Automation and Integration - built to align your business processes and workflows with best practices while integrating seamlessly with your existing systems. - Click here

Case Management - record and track full customer journeys including complaints, issues, and inquiries. - Click here