PODLOC is a unique all-in-one solution for charging, securing and tracking mobile devices. Say goodbye to device loss, as the cutting-edge system keeps devices safe, frees up valuable space, and charges them right where they're needed. With PODLOC, shared handsets are shielded from damage, preventing time lost on repairs.

The charging cabinets solution provides a robust defence against theft, significantly reducing the cost of replacing stolen or missing devices. Optimising productivity with localised charging, PODLOC ensures your devices are always ready to go. Integration is a breeze, offering quick and tangible results. 

By offering a strong deterrent against theft, the charging cabinet solution drastically lowers the expense of replacing lost or stolen electronics. Optimising productivity with localised charging, PODLOC ensures your gadgets are always ready to go. Integration is simple and produces results quickly.

Any environment, regardless of size, may immediately increase daily productivity by deploying the PODLOC system. The charging locker solution only opens with the necessary security code, allowing gadgets to be kept exclusively. Authorised access is the key.

PODLOC's modular design makes expansion and migration simple. You may customise a charging cabinet solution to match the precise number of devices you have thanks to its easy wall-mounted installation that scales up or down based on the place where devices are used. Its compact size frees up room for other necessary uses without sacrificing its capacity to safely store common equipment.

Competitive advantages:

• One of fastest ROI for a charging solution

• Fully traceable, aiding asset management

• Modular build adding new units as required

• Convenient - located near where devices are used

• Futureproof - upgrade easily as devices change

• Slim cabinet space-saving, easily access your mobile devices in one neat place

• Asset management of devices made simple

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